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First Look At The New Contestants On ‘American Idol’ 2021

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The Season 19 premiere of American Idol is only a few weeks away. There are so many bright talented singers that auditioned for this exciting new season. Check out the list down below to see some of the new contestants that will definitely impress us with their singing abilities.

Contestants On ‘American Idol’ Season 19

Ren Patrick

You may remember Ren Patrick after she auditioned for Season 18 of American idol with her emotional story about leaving her abusive boyfriend. Well, she’s back and ready to show the world what she has to offer after she was shockingly eliminated last season. You can follow her on Instagram @renpatrick.


Redd is a musician from Knoxville, Tennessee who is also a high school English teacher. She currently is running a fundraiser to provide the money she needs to work on her first album called Monsters & Mothers. You can follow her on Instagram @redd.music.

Alanis Sophia

Alanis Sophia first competed on La Voz Kids when she was just 11 years old. After making it to the Finals of that show, she decided to pursue acting. She was signed with Big Machine Records for a while but is hoping American Idol will finally be her big break. You can follow her on Instagram @alanissophia.

Cassandra Coleman

Cassandra Coleman is an up and coming artist that has gained quite a following on the karaoke app Smule. You can follow her on Instagram @cassandracolemanmusic.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller is well known in Kentucky for his country sound and is definitely going to be the lovable cowboy on this season of American Idol. In one of the trailers released for the show, Luke Bryan joins Alex during his audition for a duet. You can follow him on Instagram @alex_miller_music.

Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway is the daughter of former presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway. She has been involved in a bit of a scandal recently after her nude photos were leaked through her mother’s Twitter account. You can follow her on Instagram @claudiamconway.

Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson is another contestant to watch this season. The Texas native is a singer-songwriter ready to launch her career on American Idol. You can follow her on Instagram @djjohnson_music.

Serrin Joy

Serrin Joy grew up in a musical family and began posting song covers online in high school. She has also wanted to pursue acting and gone on a few auditions in Atlanta. You can follow her on Instagram @serrinjoymusic.

Jason Warrior

You might remember Jason Warrior from his time on The Four where he got into a viral confrontation with judge Meghan Trainor. He also competed on The Voice and bounced around from several of the coach’s teams. You can follow him on Instagram @iamjasonwarrior.

Celeste Butler

Celeste Butler has performed with artists like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan. She is also an actress and founded her own Entertainment company. You can follow her on Instagram @celestebutler.


Dreion is an experienced artist that grew up in the foster care system. He advocates for foster care reform and hopes his music can heal and inspire others. You can follow him on Instagram @dreionation.

Anilee List

AnileeΒ List has been performing since she was 4 years old. She was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when she was 10 years old. She was inspired by American Idol contestant James Durbin who also spoke about his experience of having Tourette Syndrome.Β You can follow her on Instagram @anileelist.

Alyssa Wray

Alyssa Wray is a budding TikTok star with over 66,000 followers. She is a huge lover of Broadway and even offers fans the chance to meet her. You can follow her on Instagram @itsalyssawray.


Beane is an artist that already has a ton of experience playing gigs. He once performed with Justin Timberlake and has his own original music out now. You can follow him on Instagram @beanemusic.

Xavier Washington

Xavier Washington studied at Yale University where he got to pursue his love for singing. He also appeared on The Terrell Show on Youtube. You can follow him on Instagram @zaytheartist.

Jayda Klink is a gorgeous singer that has performed at a ton of gigs in the past. She absolutely slays her selfie game over on Instagram. You can follow her @jaydaklinkmusic.

Dr. Soul

Dr. Soul is a very appropriate name for this musician whose voice is literally full of soul. Judging based on his Instagram, he is full of personality too! You can follow him on Instagram @iamdrsoul.

Zach Sines

Zach Sines is an artist with music currently available on streaming platforms right now. You can check out his EP called In My Head here. You can also follow him on Instagram @zachsines.

Grace Kinstler

One thing we know about Grace Kinstler is that it appears that she makes the American Idol judges cry in the trailer for the new season. This powerhouse vocalist is definitely one to watch on this season. You can follow her on Instagram @gracekinstlerofficial.

Andrea Valles

Andrea Valles is a talented bilingual singer and songwriter. Her cover of “Cheap Thrills” has over 32,000 views on YouTube. You can follow her on Instagram @andreapvalles.

Colin Jamieson

Every season of American Idol needs a heartthrob and we think it is going to be Colin Jamieson. He released a song called “2020” that you can listen to here. You can also follow him on Instagram @kikitcolin.

Zach D’Onofrio

Zach D’Onofrio is back! The singer that Katy Perry first fell in love with during Season 16 is auditioning again this season. Here’s to hoping he brings along his girlfriend Catie Turner whom he met on the show. You can follow him on Instagram @zach_donofrio.

Courtney Arnold

Courtney Arnold is a country and bluegrass musician which should already make her a standout on American Idol. She is a mother to a young son named Bryson. You can follow her on Instagram @courtneyarnoldmusic.

Benson Boone

Benson Boone is a huge TikTok star that fans are very excited to see on the upcoming season. He currently has 1.1 million followers on TikTok. Check out his TikTok account @bensonboone.

Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham is a singer/songwriter from Southern California that often posts covers on his Instagram account. You can follow him @chaycebeckhammusic.

Cheryl K

Malaysian singer Cheryl K sings the opening song to the film Crazy Rich Asians. She was discovered by director Jon M. Chu on YouTube. You can follow her on Instagram @thisischerylk.

Adriel Carrion

Adriel Carrion is an 18-year-old singer who often posts his covers on Instagram and TikTok. This budding social media star currently has over 71,000 followers on TikTok. You can follow him @adriel_carrion on Instagram.


Which contestants are you rooting for this season?

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