Familiar Face From ‘The Voice’ And ‘The Four’ Will Bring His Antics To ‘American Idol’

Familiar Face From 'The Voice' And 'The Four' Will Bring His Antics To 'American Idol'

The premiere of Season 19 of American Idol is just around the corner, and the show just released a new trailer featuring some of the incredible artists this season. One artist that is hoping to make a big splash is Jason Warrior. His name might sound familiar because this is not the first time he has appeared on a talent competition show.

Talent Show Veteran Jason Warrior Is Competing On ‘American Idol’

When he was a teenager, Jason toured with the Chicago-based group Walt Whitman and the Soul Children. He was dedicated to music since a very early age. Jason first competed on the Season 11 of The Voice in 2016. Both Alicia Keys and Adam Levine turned their chairs during his incredible Blind Audition. He chose to be on Team Alicia.

Jason went up against Christian Cuevas during The Battles in one of the most iconic performances of all time singing Adele’s “Hello.” He was stolen by Adam. He was later stolen in The Knockouts by Blake Shelton. Jason was then eliminated in the first week of The Live Playoffs.


He also competed on the first season of Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom. He sang John Legend’s “Love Me Now.” He infamously had a confrontation with Meghan Trainor during his elimination. “Sometimes you say things to us that hurt us,” he said as he approached Meghan on the judging panel. What many thought was going to be a sweet moment quickly turned sour.

He began singing her song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” while holding her hand and she awkwardly stood there not knowing what to do. Finally, he was escorted back onto the stage by security. Even host Fergie was completely shocked and had her jaw on the ground during this weird moment captured on television. In his exit interview, he said that he was not treated fairly and if he was, he could have won the show.

Jason Is Ready For His Big Comeback

After his confrontation with Meghan On The Four, Jason is ready to make his comeback on the latest season of American Idol. Jason can be seen in the latest trailer for the show belting his heart out and clasping his hands over his face. Jason will make it past the auditions considering his vocals are unmatched and a video was uploaded with him holding a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. However, the real test will be how he interacts with the judges and his fellow contestants.

“Praying that it’s all worth it…We may not understand our journey but I promise you if you stay the course something great is bound to come from it!” Jason wrote on Instagram ahead of American Idol. He also just came out with a new single ahead of the premiere called “Love Somebody.” Jason also previously appeared on the ninth season of BET’s Sunday Best.


You can catch Jason when American Idol premieres on February 14 at 8pm ET on ABC.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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