Kelly Clarkson And John Legend Have The Ultimate Plan To Beat Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’

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Season 19 of The Voice is quickly approaching and coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have a plan that they discussed on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Watch the video below to see how they want to take down the king of The Voice himself, Blake Shelton.

Kelly Clarkson And John Legend Don’t Want Blake Shelton To Win ‘The Voice’

John said he has a stacked team this year on the show and he wants to win. “I think we should maybe make a friendly bet who’s going to win or we can just team up to ensure that Shelton loses,” Kelly said. “How do we form an alliance to destroy Blake Shelton?” John asked. The pair then jokingly said they have to get Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani to join their alliance. They said that if they root for Gwen to win, maybe Blake will lose. But, both John and Kelly agree that at the end of the day, the fans are ultimately going to vote for which artist they think is best, regardless of the team. But, we’ll see how everything pans out during The Voice premiere on October 19. Blake has already won the show seven times while Kelly has won three times and John has won once.


The pair already put their friendship on display on social media, when Kelly sent John and his wife Chrissy Teigen the ultimate anniversary gift. Kelly sent a giant pizza to John’s house which they were completely ecstatic about. “I’ve never seen a pizza this big” John gushed. “I’m your Texas friend, everything bigger in Texas,” Kelly remarked

She also has been a huge fan and supporter of his latest album “Bigger Love” in the wake of her ongoing divorce from her husband of nearly seven years, Brandon Blackstock. John appreciates Kelly’s support immensely. “For another artist to care about your music and actually listen to it and really pay attention, it really does mean a lot so I am truly grateful for your compliments and they are not getting old to me,” John said. They also got a huge surprise when jazz saxophonist Kenny G made an appearance via Zoom.

John Also Taught Kelly One Of His Famous Recipes

John joined Kelly for a new segment called “Ambush Thank You.” They helped a man named Anwar surprise his wife after she has been a rockstar during the pandemic taking care of their two children. But, the real star of the show was when John revealed some of his best-kept kitchen secrets. Of course, having a wife that’s a chef and cookbook author means you have to step up your A-game in the kitchen. They teamed up to make some chicken tenders and lemonade during this episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. It turns out Kelly was a huge fan of John’s chicken tenders and he was a huge fan of her lemonade.


Their friendship is definitely blossoming which makes their plan to take down Blake on The Voice this season seem even more possible. Which coach are you rooting for?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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