Kelly Clarkson Shockingly Curses During Family-Friendly Show [VIDEO]


Kelly Clarkson is probably the most down to earth celebrity on the planet. As she gears up to host the second season of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she recently released a blooper reel on YouTube. You have to watch this hilarious video where Kelly actually drops a few F-bombs.

Kelly Clarkson Curses On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ In New Video

Kelly began one segment of her show and she was in disbelief at the words she was reading. “Is this a real thing? The f*ck” she said as the audience laughed. Later on, she tried again to say these lines and was about to drop another F-bomb before the video moved on with another blooper. This is definitely a little shocking because it is a family-friendly show. It’s quite unlike Kelly to curse on camera.

In another hilarious little blooper, The Voice coach showed off her incredible energy as she danced while one of her guests sat on the stage. She also incorrectly called one of her guests “Bradley Cooper” but laughed it off. The caption of the video said, “Things don’t always go as planned on The Kelly Clarkson Show, but that’s what makes it so incredibly fun!” It continued “See some hilarious behind-the-scenes bloopers from season one, and stay tuned for the season two premiere on Monday, September 21.”


The first week of the season two shows has been declared as “music week.” Guests will include Common, fellow ‘Voice’ coach John Legend, Little Big Town, Machine Gun Kelly, Sabrina Carpenter, Josh Groban, DJ Khaled, Neil Patrick Harris, Queen Latifah and former ‘Voice’ coach Usher. She will be back at Universal Studios Hollywood with guests live in the studio. There will also be a virtual audience. The end of season one was forced to go entirely virtual as the coronavirus pandemic swept quickly across the globe, enforcing social distancing guidelines. Kelly had previously filmed the episodes at her ranch in Montana and her home in Los Angeles. She also has been going through a divorce from her husband of nearly seven years, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly recently said her “life has been a little bit of a dumpster” but hopefully season two can bring her out of that rut.

She Promises Her Show Will Be Better Than Ever

In a press release, Kelly teased some new upcoming changes to The Kelly Clarkson Show. “A lot has changed. The pandemic has tested us all, but from day one I said this show would be about connection- and not even 2020 is going to change that” the statement says. “I am so happy to be back at our home studio at Universal with my band, our crew and our new virtual house seats filled with people from all over the country.” She continued on to say “Music has always been my outlet to help me through difficult times, so our season two premiere week is dedicated to honoring the incredible power of music and the way it heals us and brings us together.”


Previously, fans speculated that Kelly was including subliminal messages in the Kellyoke segment of her show directed towards Brandon. She performed very emotional covers about moving on with relationships and being free. Definitely expect more incredible covers coming from Kelly in season two. Are you excited for The Kelly Clarkson Show to be back on the air?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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