The Mystery Behind Kelly Clarkson’s Eye Patch Is Finally Solved [VIDEO]

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Kelly Clarkson looked a little different during Wednesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. The singer wore an eye patch as she interviewed rapper Common on the show. Everyone had the same question, why? Well, now we finally have answers.

Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why She Wore An Eye Patch

Immediately when Kelly sat down with Common, she apologized about her eye patch. “First of all, I’m sorry I look like a pirate,” she told the rapper. “I hurt my eye and I have to wear it. And, so, it’s ridiculous. You’re being interviewed by a pirate today.” But Common was a good sport and replied “You look fly with your pirate thing.” Kelly joked that she would make it her new look. “This is my whole album, my next album cycle is this,” The Voice coach said pointing to the eye patch.


During an appearance on NBC Los Angeles’ California Live Kelly further explained that she sustained the injury during a shoot for the upcoming season of The Voice. The show is filming in the Universal lot on sets that she claims are full of dust. Kelly is severely allergic to dust and believes a piece of it went into her eye. This caused her eye to swell up in what she compared to a scene from the movie Hitch.

“When it first happened, it was so puffy and I was like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ I had to shoot The Voice, a full day for, I think it was Battle Realities, in a patch and I was wearing all black cause it was already the outfit that was chosen and I looked like an assassin,” she said. Because the shows will not air in the order that they are taped, Kelly thinks The Voice fans will be confused about her eye patch when they are watching it on television.

“We did six shows total because we did two shows a day. Three days I had to wear a patch. Those are not consecutive, man,” she continued. “I’m gonna randomly be wearing a patch, like on a random Tuesday and people are going to be like, ‘She needs to figure out her eye situation.'”

Kelly Was In Good Spirits While Going Through Divorce

Only Kelly can joke around about looking like a pirate while also going through a very difficult time in her life. She filed for divorce in June from her husband of nearly seven years Brandon Blackstock. During the season two premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she got candid with fans about how her life is changing. “As you probably know, 2020 has brought a lot of change also to my personal life,” she said. “Definitely didn’t see anything coming that came, but what I’m dealing with is hard — it involves more than just my heart, it involves a lot of little hearts.”


If you want to catch Kelly rocking her eye patch like only she can on The Voice, it premieres on October 19 on NBC.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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