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    A SHOCKING Elimination on ‘DWTS’ – Our Recap of Week 6!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    This week's episode of Dancing With the Stars gave us some surprisingly strong dances...and some equally surprising results. Here's what went down during Week 6! 'DWTS' LAST NIGHT RECAP Ally & Sasha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krwNAvV15mA Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber dance a quickstep on Dancing With the…

    Are ‘DWTS’ Judges Qualified To Critique The Pros Of Dance?

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Dancing With the Stars is all about celebrities learning to dance and being judged by a panel of experts…but what happens when those experts start directing critiques to the pro dance partners instead of the celebs? Who Should The Judges Be Scoring? Choreography Critiques https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxc-WKcsfvk&t=162s Sasha…

    Should Contemporary and Jazz Dances Be on ‘DWTS’?

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    'DWTS' is mostly known for ballroom dancing, but the show has also featured a few other styles over the years. Two that have become regular dances used on the show are contemporary and jazz, but is their inclusion more of a positive or negative thing?…

    SHOCKING ‘DWTS’ Behind The Scene Hook-Up!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Dancing With the Stars is infamous for its "showmances" - contestants and pros hooking up with each other (or at least pretending to) in an attempt to get more votes. But what many fans don't know is that there have been even more relationships going…

    Amanda Bynes Turned Down ‘DWTS’ – Find Out Why!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Dancing With the Stars promised fans a cast of "bigger name" celebrities for Season 28. While it's debatable how well that panned out, any disappointments certainly weren't for a lack of trying. A few weeks ago we found out that Charlie Sheen was in talks…

    ‘DWTS’ Recap: A Big Fall in the Ballroom?

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    This week was all about the magic of Disney on Dancing With the Stars, and we saw some of the highest scores of the season to date! The magic of Disney on 'DWTS' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeLDxCKrrHY Dancing With the Stars Season 28's Disney Night opening number After…

    VOTE HERE for ‘DWTS’ And The New System Explained!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Dancing With The Stars Season 28 is in full swing, complete with a cast of new stars, a couple of new pros, and most controversially of all - a new voting and elimination method! Big Changes in the 'DWTS' Ballroom How Do I Vote? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-KzJuBerr0 For…

    ‘DWTS’ Recap: MAJOR Fighting at the Judges’s Table!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    We often see a lot of drama on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor, but tonight we got quite a bit of it at the judges table! Guest judge Leah Remini certainly wasn't shy about voicing her opinions of the other judges's comments, so…

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    ‘DWTS’ Fans Argue Ally Brooke and Len Goodman’s Cringe-worthy High Five Controversy

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Ally Brooke may be getting good scores on DWTS so far, but when it came to a simple high five this week, she didn’t exactly have stellar results. Is Len Goodman being unfair or is Ally Brooke talking invading personal space? First what happened! Left Hanging On…

    SHOCKING ‘DWTS’ Recap, Twists, Tears, Surprises And More!

    Julia Delbel - 1 year ago

    Tonight was Movie Night on Dancing With the Stars, with each couple dancing to a song featured in a film. There were laughs, tears, and a few surprises, so let’s take a look back at everything that went down! A Night At the Movies On DWTS…


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