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Here’s How to Impress the Judges During Your ‘American Idol’ Audition

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With American Idol approaching its historic 20th season, the show’s producers have seen their fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the audition process. It took a while for most viewers to realize that the judges who sit on the panel are not actually sitting in the audition room judging thousands of contestants. Before an aspiring singer steps foot in front Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie they undergo a grueling process with casting producers as the first step.

Here are some ways that Season 8 American Idol contestant and now casting producer for the show, Shae Wilbur says how future Idol hopefuls can nail their audition process.

1. Be Yourself

This one is critical. “This show is not just about the voice. Show personality, it is about the full package,” Idol producer Megan Michaels says. The show is looking to launch the next big star and you want to stand out. Spontaneity goes far in the competition. There have been contestants who made it through their auditions because of their magnetic personality.

2. Presentation is Key

How you present yourself can also help you get noticed by producers as well as the judges. Think of wearing bright colors. Wear something that you know will show who you are as an artist. Are you a small-town country singer? Or maybe a big city diva waiting for your chance in the spotlight? Pay attention to details, they matter.

3. Have Fun

Like most industries, you never know who you will meet at any given time. As nerve racking as the Idol auditions can be, you still need to smile and look approachable. Don’t let them see you sweat. According to Wilbur it is possible that you will be standing in line for 10 hours or more. During that time, cameras may come around with producers to speak to you. It will be your moment to shine and show personality. “Be nice” to everyone she says.

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Posted by American Idol on Friday, August 11, 2017

4. Pick the Right Song

Pick a song that shows off your talents. If you can’t hit Freddy Mercury level high notes, don’t choose Queen. If you are all about country music, do that. Song selection is important. Producers hear a lot of the same songs. If you are planning on taking on a big song, that will be the standard which you are held to. Be creative with your song selections. Look to keep the song current. Know your lane. Also, keep in mind to start your performance at the right part of the song. Aim to get to the moments that will showcase your talent the best. Make sure you have other songs you can perform as well.

5. Share Your Story

Share your story or angle. We’ve all seen those segments on the show where they tell us about the contestant’s lives and what they’ve been through. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sob story either. Potential contestants are advised to be as open and honest as possible. What makes you unique?

6. There Are Many Ways to Audition

A great tip to know is that if you did not make it on your first audition, you can audition again in another city. Those looking to try out for Idol can also audition virtually in-person with the show’s producers. Another way to audition is to submit a video online. Yes, you can do both. When it comes to the actual audition, contestants are encouraged to show their musicianship.

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