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The Voice: How To Vote For YOUR Favorite Contestant

Melissa Boursiquot

Melissa Boursiquot


We’ve finally made it our favorite part of The Voice, the live shows! For the past few weeks we’ve watched judges Adam, Blake, Jennifer & Kelly make the decisions on who stays on the show, but now it’s the viewers turn.  Do you know how to vote for your favorite contestant on The Voice ? Check out all ways you can below:

1. Voting Online on

Head to and click the Vote option towards the right side of the screen. From there you will be able to choose your favorite contestant and make your vote. Also a direct link to voting site can be found here. This voting method allows up to 10 votes.

2. Voting On The Voice App

To vote on The Voice app you have to download the Voice app via iTunes Store or Android’s GooglePlay Store which will be discoverable once you type in “The Voice” in the search box. This voting method allows up to 10 votes.

* There’s a limit of 10 votes per artist per email address linked to your Facebook account *

the voice vote

3. Voting on iTunes + Apple Music

By purchasing your favorite contestant’s song on iTunes after each episode that qualifies as a vote. If their song makes it to the Top 10 overall chart the votes will be multiplied by 5.

Also if you stream their song on Apple Music, a total 10 streams + 1 vote. You know what that means, keep that single on auto replay for your fave!

4. Voting on Comcast’s Xfinity Service

You can now vote for your favorite contestant on The Voice with a just a push of the button. If you have Xfinity X1 follow the directions on the screen during the broadcast feed of the episode and follow directions from there!

the voice vote xfinity

The Voice: How to vote 30 times or more?

You can vote 10 times per each method, on, on The Voice App and on XFinity. However, you can increase that vote count by streaming their song on iTunes and Apple Music.

And there you go folks, many ways to keep your favorite singer from being eliminated and possibly being crowned The Voice winner. Now that you know you have no excuse to not vote which way will you be voting or how many ways will you be voting?

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 It was good but sad
It was good but sad
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