Kevin Davy White Finds Success After ‘The X Factor UK’

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It’s not uncommon for singers to have their start in music before taking to a talent show stage. Even though this might turn heads for some, plenty of singers have had careers or been on multiple shows before their audition. Kevin Davy White from The X Factor UK was one of those singers.

In 2022, White is known for being a singer/songwriter and music producer, but talent shows were his one way ticket to fame. After having a music career for a few years, he was picked to compete on The Voice France. He was eliminated quickly in the competition since he didn’t turn any of the coach’s chairs.

The elimination didn’t get the best of him, he then went on to audition for The X Factor UK in 2017. Throughout series 14 he was mentored by Nicole Scherzinger. He was the last person remaining in the “Over 27” category and finished the series out in third place.

His Continues To Succeed Following The X Factor UK

Immediately after The X Factor UK, White joined the Nationwide X Factor Live tour. Once finishing the tour, he went on to headline shows of his own. In 2019, White released his debut single, “Atone.” In the same year he married his longtime girlfriend seen on The X Factor UK, Amy.

Since then, White has released eight more singles and has made a name for himself in the United Kingdom. His singles began as a slow release, leaving many months between them. It’s obvious that White is once again on top of his music again, he released six singles independently in the past year. In the same year, he welcomed his first child into the world with his wife. I think it’s safe to say his wife and baby are definitely his muses.

On Feb 14, 2022, the singer won best singer/songwriter award at the Urban Music Awards. In the Urban Music Awards Instagram bio, the company shares that they were established in 2003 and are the world’s No. 1 HipHop/R&B/Soul/Dance awards show. Fans of the singer are hoping to see just as many (if not more) singles created by White this year.

Why The Voice Franchise Format Didn’t Work For Him

While on The X Factor UK, White expressed that The Voice France wasn’t the show for him. He became so popular because of his unique singing voice, so he attributes that as the reason the first series didn’t work out for him. He claimed that a series like The X Factor UK was ultimately better for him because they’re looking for the full package.

White knew he was the full package because he had a music career before either series. He originally was apart of the band called The JFK’s. Within this band, White wrote and produced the bands songs on top of singing and playing the piano and drums.

In 2015, he opened for several artists including Martin Barre (long-term guitars for Jethro Tull), Keziah Jones, and Ana Popovic. He then was able to collaborate with other artists and release an EP of his own, “Mr. Feeling.” His debut EP showed off his range of skills and channeled his love of multiple genres. Since he had experience before The X Factor UK, he knew that winning the title was achievable.

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