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5 Things You Might Not Know About ‘X Factor’ Star Grace Davies


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Grace Davies was a popular figure on The X Factor UK Season 14. The factory disc packer from Blackburn, Lancashire was mentored by judge Sharon Osbourne and made it as the runner-up in her Girls category. For her audition, Grace showed her songwriting skills and performed her original song “Roots.” The judges were floored and she received 4 yeses. Throughout the competition Grace shot to stardom. All eyes were on the singer as she dominated the competition and performed her own work.

If you have forgotten about the young star, let’s take a look at 5 things you should know.

Grace Performed an Original Song For Her ‘X Factor’ Audition

Fans of talent show competitions know that contestants have only a couple of seconds to impress the judges. Song selection is the most important factor during the audition process. From your voice to your presence, choosing the right song will make or break an aspiring singer’s career who is hoping to be the next Kelly Clarkson. When Grace walked through The X Factor’s door, viewers had no clue what they were in for. By the time the audition was over, Grace was already the frontrunner to win the whole season. She won the judges over with her original song “Roots.”


Grace Signed With Simon Cowell’s Syco Music

Although she did not win her season of The X Factor UK, Grace made enough an impression that judge Simon Cowell signed her to his record label. Syco Music was an extension of Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and had a mission to become the leading music label with the best talent. At one point Syco was home to such acts as One Direction, Little Mix, Leona Lewis, and Fifth Harmony. Grace released her Friends With The Tragic EP on the label. Her first single “Invisible” was released in January 2020.


It Took Grace Four Years to Release ‘Roots’

Fans of Grace expected her to hit the ground running after her shocking elimination on Season 14 of the hit show. Her song “Roots” was popular and could have catapulted the young singer into music history. Unfortunately, Grace was yet another example of the rollercoaster ride that artists have to take when they enter the music industry. Soon after Grace’s season she signed with Syco Music. In 2020 Grace released her first EP. Soon after the release, Syco Music shuttered its doors. A distraught Grace moved back in with her parents and set up a whole studio. That time away from the limelight helped her finish her debut track.

Grace is on Patreon

Like a lot of creatives, Grace joined the streaming service Patreon. The fan friendly site is for artists of all kind to give an insight look and create content that is exclusive to the fans who are paying for a monthly subscription. Grace is offering a range of $4 -$36 subscriptions. Her top tier package offers fans behind the scenes looks at the making of her videos, downloadable cover songs, and a community of other fans to communicate with. On her Patreon Grace mentions that the money she makes is all going back to making her music dreams come true.


Grace is Now an Independent Artist

The singer did not let the collapse of Syco Music stop her determination. In 2021 Grace released “I Met a Boy Online” independently. She followed up that single with her Summer song, “Toothbrush.” The X Factor UK alum proved that she is a fighter and will accomplish her dreams by any means necessary. For the second single release Grace received her first proper production credit. In 2021 Grace released her independently 6- track EP, I wonder If You Wonder.

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