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From ‘Idol’ to ‘AGT Extreme’ Simon Cowell is the Judge We Love to Hate


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Simon Cowell is the talent show judge we all love to hate. The former music A&R executive gave us all a crash course in how brutal the music industry could be first on American Idol. In real time, we were exposed to harsh feedback and we all had to second guess ourselves about our delusional singing abilities. Now, he’s taking his feedback to AGT Extreme will the notorious judge be hyper-critical, or will the daring acts awe the top judge?

Cowell was already well-known in the music industry by the time Idol premiered in 2002. For viewers at home, we were introduced to not only a new show that would go on to take over pop culture, but to a new personality that we could not turn away from.

Cowell has been called every name in the book: cold, rude, grumpy, impolite, the list could go on and on. It took seconds for Cowell to make contestants cry, giving them a hard lesson in telling it like it is. He was a judge with no filter, even if boos would come from an audience. Cowell was a man who said what he needed to say, and did not take anyone else’s feelings into account.

Let’s face it, Cowell did say things to certain contestants who needed a quick and harsh reality check, but watching him actually say it out loud to the contestant’s faces made for many uneasy moments on his hit shows. It wasn’t just American Idol, Cowell produces and judges other competition shows such as, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and more.

As the years went by, either viewers became more harsh, or we actually enjoyed watching Cowell shatter the dreams of hopeful entertainers.


Is He the Best Talent Show Judge?

From stopping contestants mid-song, laughing during their audition, or just coming up with the most insulting criticism, Cowell has been able to make us care. Viewers do not only care for the contestants, but we also care to hear what Cowell has to say after each performance. He has somehow leaned into his mean judge persona and continues to attract an audience. Along the way he has also gained the respect from contestants he was hard on, and music industry’s elite. In 2010 he was awarded the BAFTA Special Award for his contribution to the TV and entertainment industry.

During an interview with Season 14 Britain’s Got Talent semi finalist, Souparnika Nair, the young singer admitted that Cowell was her favorite judge. “He’s fair and gives great feedback,” Souparnika said about Cowell. She was 10 years old at the time of her audition. Souparnika is one out of many contestants that Cowell stopped midway through her song. He did ask her to sing another song, which helped Souparnika receive 4 yeses.

Cowell is the toughest judge we have seen on television. Many have tried to emulate him, but Cowell has been able to build a 600 million dollar empire from his honesty.


What Makes Cowell Different?

Through his tough exterior, viewers have witnessed Cowell show his softer side. He has been vulnerable even with his no nonsense approach. We love to hate Cowell because it is easy and fun. We are living in the moment when we boo him, but Cowell has the ability to stand corrected, make fun of himself, and show he is moved by a performance whenever he feels the emotion. When viewers get a glimpse of Cowell’s approval, it makes a contestant’s success that much sweeter.

Cowell stays true to who he is after all these years because he is a judge who produces results. Cowell has had a hand in helping some of the biggest acts in music make it in the industry. Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Fifth Harmony, and more not only have their talent to thank for their success, but also Cowell.

Next, fans will get to see Cowell judge on new show AGT Extreme. Due to the dangerous nature of the extreme acts, this will be a tough show to actually judge. Will Cowell maintain his notorious attitude? or will these acts finally impress the mogul?

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