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‘The Voice’ Recap: Four-Chair Turn Holly Forbes Leaves Episode in a Cliffhanger

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The Voice Season 21 has brought out some of the greatest artists the show has ever seen. Episode three featured some American Idol alums, very young contestants, and several four-chair turns. The coach’s teams are filling up fast with talented stars in the making. The producers will never be forgiven for leaving the show off on a cliffhanger tonight.

Memorable ‘American Idol’ Alums Audition For ‘The Voice’ Season 21

Raquel Trinidad is a 23-year-old artist currently living in Miami. She describes herself as a “free spirit.” You might recognize her from Season 17 of American Idol where she made it to the Top 20. When she was 11 years old, Raquel did some singing and voiceover work on Dora the Explorer. Former The Voice coach Shakira was also a guest on the show at the time. It’s such a small world!

Raquel is currently a driver for a rideshare company. After her Blind Audition, the musical opportunities are going to be endless for her. John Legend turned his chair first, followed by Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson. Blake Shelton decided he wanted to sway Raquel’s mind to join Team Ariana. Grande said Raquel’s voice is “a breath of fresh air.” Shelton’s tactics to vouch for Grande worked. Raquel chose to be on Team Ariana after all. Shelton has something up his sleeve.

Raquel wasn’t the only American Idol alum to audition for The Voice this season. Jeremy Rosado is a 29-year-old artist from Tampa, Florida. He competed on Season 11 of American Idol. Jocelyn, his daughter who is biologically his niece, appeared virtually to cheer him on. Jeremy raised her and officially became her guardian when he was 22. This segment was so emotional and full of love.

Jeremy performed “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts. He is not a country artist but likes to take songs and make them his own. Some notes were a little rocky but he put his soul into it. Clarkson and Shelton turned their chairs. Shelton said that after the Battle Rounds, the thrift store will have plenty of Team Kelly jackets. Sick burn! Grande suggested for Jeremy to join Team Kelly because she could really guide him through the show. He did end up taking Grande’s advice.

The Show Could Potentially Have the Youngest Winner Ever

One contestant this season could potentially make history if she wins the show. Hailey Mia is a 13-year-old singer who has been performing forever. Hailey was born with an eye condition that was causing her to slowly lose her vision. She had surgery and regained most of her vision back. She was inspired to audition for The Voice Season 21 after seeing Carter Rubin win the show at 15 years old.

At the very last second in her Blind Audition, Clarkson and Grande both turned their chairs. Clarkson said she thought she was turning around for a 24-year-old. Hailey’s voice is super mature. She complimented Hailey’s “power to belt.” Grande said Hailey can use this show to “continue to flourish.” If Hailey wins the show, she will be the youngest person ever to win.

Shelton completely decided to throw Clarkson under the bus and support Grande all the way yet again. Shelton joked that Hailey winning the show on Team Ariana would capture all of the headlines more than a win with Team Kelly would. Hailey chose to be on Team Ariana. It’s so crazy how much influence Shelton has on the show.

After the audition, the coaches gathered backstage to discuss Shelton’s weird behavior. Convincing artists to be on Grande’s team is very out of character for him. He delivered the best line of the season so far when it comes to his on-screen relationship with Grande.

“I look at you like a granddaughter,” he said.

Holly Forbes is the One to Watch This Season

Holly Forbes lives with her partner Seth and their two kids. They were playing music together and fell in love writing songs. Her day job is as a caregiver for patients with developmental disabilities. When she was 11, she started having seizures and was put on medication that made her hair brittle. She ended up losing her hair.

Over the last few years, she has become a background singer for other bands. This is her chance to be a superstar solo artist. Her Blind Audition of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” was insanely good. Holly has a very soulful voice. Clarkson, Legend, and Grande all turned at the exact same time. Grande blocked Legend successfully after a botched block for Samara Brown earlier in the episode. Shelton turned to make this a four-chair turn.

The Voice producers decided to leave this episode off on a cliffhanger. They are really trying to get viewers to tune in tomorrow. Holly told Grande that her daughter is a really big fan. This made the coaches all feel like she was going to choose Grande. Honestly, this season is all about the unexpected. Holly could potentially join Team Kelly instead of Team Ariana. Their voices have a similar tone and they would pair really well together.

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