‘The Voice’ Premiere Ratings Take a Hit Despite Bringing in Ariana Grande

Samantha Agate
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The Season 21 premiere of The Voice had so much buzz surrounding it that it felt like a talent show Super Bowl. We were definitely expecting it to bring in Super Bowl status ratings too. Surprisingly, the premiere ratings fell slightly from the previous two seasons. Dancing with the Stars also saw a massive ratings dip with its Season 30 premiere.

‘The Voice’ Ratings Did Not Deliver as Expected

The Voice brought Ariana Grande on the coaching panel for Season 21. She’s one of the most popular artists in the world with 267 million Instagram followers. She replaced Nick Jonas as a coach, also a huge name in the music business and everyone’s childhood crush. Bringing in the young popular artists should rack in astronomical numbers. About 7.22 million viewers tuned in to watch the Season 21 premiere.

This is still great viewership for a Monday night stacked with popular television shows. However, the Season 20 premiere of The Voice brought in about 7.74 million viewers. Season 19 of The Voice had over 8 million people tune in for the first of the Blind Auditions. Why didn’t The Voice pull off the big premiere numbers that everyone expected this year?

The Voice was available to watch with a VPN in other countries. A lot of people may have found low-quality unlicensed streams to watch instead of going through the hassle of finding a VPN. This allows people who live outside of the broadcast areas to change their IP address and access the show. It’s just a fancier way of saying not everyone is catching The Voice on cable this year or has immediate access to it.

Grande has a global fanbase that lives in all different time zones. Obviously, not all of her 267 million Instagram followers were expected to watch The Voice premiere. The Voice does post all of the performances and highlights on YouTube after the show airs. This is how many of her international fans will be keeping up with the show this season. Cable is out and YouTube is in.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Saw a Major Dip From Last Season

Even though The Voice did not pull off the expected ratings, it still managed to top Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. The Season 30 premiere was supposed to be the start of the most magical season yet. Even after bringing in JoJo Siwa, one of the most popular contestants this season, the episode saw about 5.46 million viewers.

Siwa is part of the first same-sex couple in Dancing with the Stars history. This partnership was announced even before the premiere to help get people pumped for the new season. Controversial YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli also failed to bring in the big numbers for ABC. She was a trending topic on Twitter, but it just didn’t translate to viewership for the episode.

The Season 29 Dancing with the Stars premiere averaged 8.1 million viewers. Carole Baskin was the token controversial contestant and people were curious to see how she was going to do. This premiere saw a 30% ratings boost from the Season 28 premiere. Keep in mind that a lot of viewers did vow to stop watching the show after Tyra Banks became the host.

Which Show Will Dominate the Monday Night Schedule This Year?

The Voice will continue to best Dancing with the Stars in the ratings department this season. The Voice might see an uptick in viewers during the live shows. The pre-recorded Blind Auditions might not be of interest to those who just want to see Grande live on television. She will probably be performing with her team’s finalists towards the end of the season which will draw in a lot more viewers.

Dancing with the Stars has an interesting cast this season. Unfortunately, the show is no match for the superstar coaching panel on The Voice. There isn’t really any bickering or drama besides Banks potentially flubbing some results. Drama and funny banter will always win over the viewers. Pretty much any show that involves Blake Shelton smack-talking everyone will be a success.

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