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Shakira Drops New Music Video for “Don’t Wait Up” and She Simply Doesn’t Age


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The former The Voice coach Shakira released the music video to her new song “Don’t Wait Up” over the weekend. The all-English dance track is a feel good vibe, just in time for summer. Shot in Tenerife, the artist sure brings some tropical heat to the music video.

Prior to the video’s premiere, fans began to speculate if Shakira had “come out” as a lesbian. The rainbow color scheme on her track’s cover art led her audience to question her sexuality. Even after the release of the video, the speculation remains. But what is for certain, is just how amazing the 44-year-old Colombian singer looked on screen.

Shakira Looks Stunning in New Music Video

I think we can all agree that Shakira has basically looked the same for the past 20 years. She is just as stunning now as when she first stepped on the music scene. From beginning to end, the global sensation, flaunts some killer looks in “Don’t Wait Up.”

The video opens with a shot of the artist sitting on a surfboard on a moonlit ocean. Here, she shows off a gorgeous gold two-piece bikini, with a sparkly fabric that drapes across her midriff. Shakira also shows off her surfing skills, as she rides the waves on a neon lit board. It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Shakira also shows off some fire choreography as she rocks a black cut out top and metallic fuchsia pants.


What is “Don’t Wait Up” About?

“Don’t let your mind think it’, someone else, I need to do this for myself, don’t wait up, don’t be afraid if it gets late, you’ll survive, it’s just one night, don’t wait up,” she sings.

This song is about being able to live as an individual within a relationship. In the song’s narrative, Shakira’s partner seems to be occupied by their phone and ignores the effort she has put into her appearance for what may be a date.

She then goes on to say that “maybe space is all it takes, it’s time to fix us.” She also makes a point to assure her significant other that there isn’t someone else in the picture, but that she just needs to do something for herself, let loose for a night on her own, and tell the person on the other end “Don’t Wait Up.”

In an Instagram post, she thanks her team for the hard work they put into producing this song.

“Thank you so much to the incredible team of Ian Kirkpatrick @cloudology and Emily Warren @emilywarrennnn — our magical first sessions resulted in this song that I’m so excited to share with you guys! #DontWaitUp,” she shared with fans.

There is No Indication Shakira Has “Come Out”

At this point, it seems like fans are just excited to get a taste of new music from the signature vocalist. Last week, fans flooded Shakira’s comment section with speculations regarding her sexuality. Though the rainbow themed cover art was reminiscent of the Lesbian Pride Flag, there are no indications in the song’s audio or visual that the singer has “come out.” I do think this assumption was a bit of a stretch for her fans and the hype surrounding the possibility has since died down.

“Don’t Wait Up” has gained over 4.5 million views since the premiere on July 16th. I have a good feeling those number will continue to rise, as Shakira’s audience has been highly anticipating a new release. The song has already inspired yet another TikTok dance challenge, with fans all over the world participating. Will Shakira become the new queen of TikTok challenges? It is very possible. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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