Ariana Grande, John Legend Walk Off ‘The Voice’ Set During Blind Auditions

Corey Cesare
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Ariana GrandeTrae Patton/NBC

The argument between Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson following Lana Scott’s Blind Audition tonight on The Voice was so intense that Ariana Grande and John Legend walked off set. Even though Clarkson and Shelton were the only coaches that turned for Lana, Grande and Legend still wanted to be a part of the conversation. Grande got so frustrated, she left the set asking if Legend wanted to “get a snack.”

This conversation got so heated that both Clarkson and Shelton offered Lana their team gifts. They were going at it for quite a while too. Long enough for Grande and Legend to get up, get snacks, and eventually come back. This argument seriously felt like it went on forever, and Shelton shared on Twitter that he too considered this to be a never-ending argument.

When we saw the stage again, Clarkson showed off her team’s turquoise jerseys. At the same time, Shelton offered his coach gift of the season. This gift is known as the “Blake’s win cam.” A glorified selfie booth. Personally, I would’ve rather gone for the jersey, but that’s just me.

After a long argument, Lana chose Team Blake. Before she performed the audience was given her background story, which included Shelton’s country music. She knew that choosing Team Blake was what her dad would want and ultimately was what she went with. If there’s anyone who could improve this country artist’s voice, it would have to be Shelton.

Ariana Grande Feels Like a “Babysitter” on ‘The Voice’

When Grande was interviewed after the blind audition, she made sure to mention that she and Legend knew to stay out of the argument. It’s no secret that Legend and Grande aren’t country artists, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they wouldn’t turn their chairs for this act.

“I feel like John and I are parents on a vacation or a field trip with our kids,” said Grande. “They’re just like fighting over toys and stuff.”

It really seems like these two judges will be babysitting Clarkson and Shelton as the season continues on. I’m sure this won’t be the only time we’ll see the two artists clash.

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