How Much Money Does ‘AGT’ Winner And Stargirl Grace VanderWaal Make ?

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Grace VanderWaal has come such a long way since winning Season 11 of America’s Got Talent in 2016. The 17-year-old is one of the biggest success stories to come out of the show which has led her to make some major money while pursuing a career as an entertainer. So, what is Grace’s net worth?

Check out our What’s Hot Video on Grace VanderWaal’s journey on America’s Got Talent and beyond.

What Is Grace Vanderwaal’s Net Worth?

Grace won America’s Got Talent and the $1 million prize when she was just 12 years old. After winning the show, Grace was the headlining act in four sold-out concerts at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. This was only the beginning of her budding music career.

She released her EP Perfectly Imperfect in 2016. It debuted in the ninth spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. The EP sold 52,000 units in the first week which is equivalent to 47,000 album sales. In 2017, Grace released her album Just The Beginning. She sold 21,000 units right off the bat. This is equivalent to 17,000 traditional album sales.

In 2019, Grace released her second EP, Letters: Volume One. This was before Grace snagged the lead role in the Disney+ film Stargirl in 2020. According to TMZ, Grace made $125,000 from starring in this movie. She also will be starring in the sequel which will earn her another $250,000. If there is a third movie, she is expected to earn around $500,000.


Grace has done numerous talk show appearances and special performances in between going on tour with Florence and the Machine and Imagine Dragons. She embarked on two tours of her own with sold-out venues and certainly brought in some big bucks just with ticket sales alone. All of this adds up to an estimated net worth of just over $2 million.

Grace Just Released An Edgy New Song

Grace is continuing her success by releasing a new song called “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know.” She shows off her shaved head in the music video, a new look after her America’s Got Talent days. In the video, Grace struts around singing while the lighting changes to a variety of bright colors. She even plays an electric guitar in the video.

Grace’s Instagram now only features content to promote her new song. Her 3.7 million followers are loving the edgy vibe and persona she displays in the music video. “It’s the 90s alternative mv vibe for me,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “I HAVE A PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY AND ITS JUST THIS ON REPEAT,” wrote another fan. The video now has around 400,000 views and we know Grace’s fans are going to be listening to it on repeat.


What do you think of Grace’s song “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know”?


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