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‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Name-Drops Gwen Stefani During Blind Auditions

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The Voice Season 20 returned on Monday night with another round of Blind Auditions. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Blake Shelton continued filling up their teams.

Blake has been trying out some new tactics this season to get contestants on his team. He’s attempted reverse psychology and even said the other coaches were too Hollywood.

Tonight, Blake actually name-dropped his fiancée Gwen Stefani during one of his pitches. “Even by the time this airs, Gwen Stefani might even be my wife,” he joked. “She’s delivering twins right now. She’s pushing them out!”

Watch the night’s performances below, and find out which artists joined which teams for this season.

WATCH ‘The Voice’ Season 20 Blind Auditions


Ryleigh Modig (Team Kelly)

This singer records music with her father, and has performed on stage with him. When she came out as gay, she says she lost friends. For her audition, Ryleigh sang “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish.

Kelly Clarkson was the first coach to turn around. Nick Jonas joined her eventually. Nick said her voice “speaks to my soul.” Kelly thought she couldn’t compete with him, but when Ryleigh told her she was gay, she celebrated. Ryleigh ended up choosing to join Team Kelly.


Pia Renee (Team Legend)

This singer got pregnant at 15, and went to college for music while she raised her kids. For her audition, Pia sang “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder. Blake Shelton and John Legend turned for her at the very last second.


Blake pointed out that he has “a lot of experience” on the show. He also used Gwen Stefani to appeal to Pia’s love of reggae. However, Pia chose to join John’s team.


Andrew Marshall (Team Nick)

This singer has been performing since childhood. At 16 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and said music got him through it. For his audition, Andrew sang “Gravity” by John Mayer, whom he met through Make-A-Wish.

Nick was the only coach to turn around, so Andrew automatically joined his team. Nick told him that the virtual audience “lit up” when he stepped on stage.


Emma Caroline (Team Blake)

Emma’s father is in the military, and was deployed when she was a kid. He recently surprised her by coming home when she wasn’t expecting it. For her audition, Emma sang “Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves.

Blake turned around first, followed by Kelly, who pointed out that she’s won the show with a female country artist. However, Emma chose to join Blake’s team.


James Tutson

This singer has a wife and two kids, including a daughter who loves music. He’s in a band with fellow dads. For his audition, James sang “Beyond” by Leon Bridges.

Unfortunately, James didn’t turn any chairs. John said there were problems with his “pitch and precision.” Blake said it was “a little too laid-back.”


Ciana Pelekai (Team Legend)

This singer is originally from Hawaii, but currently lives in Las Vegas. She performed the National Anthem at the Staples Center as a kid. For her audition, Ciana sang “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I.

John was the first coach to turn around, blocking Nick, who turned around next. Because of the block, Ciana automatically joined John’s team. Nick said he hoped he could steal Ciana in the future.


Jose Figueroa Jr. (Team Nick)

This singer loves to look stylish. He’s traveled around the world performing, and teaches Zumba. For his audition, he performed “At This Moment” by Billy Vera and the Beaters.


John was the first coach to turn around, followed by Nick. John praised his range, but Jose ended up choosing to join Nick’s team instead.


Halley Greg (Team Kelly)

This singer was previously a science teacher who pursued music at night. She lost gigs due to the pandemic, so said she was “grateful” to The Voice. For her audition, Halley sang “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado.

Kelly was the only coach to turn around, so Halley automatically joined her team. Kelly compared Halley to Annie Lennox, and said the other coaches “missed it.”


Durell Anthony (Team Legend)

This singer gained a lot of weight when he was younger, which affected his self-confidence. He met his wife when they were both trainers at a weight-loss camp. For his audition, Durell sang “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye.

John was the first coach to turn around, followed by Kelly. John said it was a “beautiful rendition” of the song. Kelly said she could tell Durell is a songwriter. Durell chose to join John’s team.


Jesse Desorcy

This singer was diagnosed with a genetic mutation that affects his vision, and is legally blind. He was inspired to start a band and opened for several big acts. For his performance, Jesse sang “Dust on the Bottle” by David Lee Murphy.

Unfortunately, Jesse didn’t turn any chairs, even though Kelly said she loved the song. Blake said he sounded nervous, and was “singing sharp.”


Avery Robinson (Team Blake)

This singer has dreamed of being on The Voice since he was a kid. His father is his biggest musical inspiration. He performs at his local senior center. For his audition, Avery sang “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw.

John was the first to turn around, followed by Kelly. Blake and Nick then turned around, making Avery a four-chair turn. Kelly called the performance “beautiful and intimate.” Blake said he has the best understanding of country music to coach Avery. Ultimately, Avery joined Team Blake.

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