Grace VanderWaal’s Latest Video About ‘Haters’ Has Fans At A Loss For Words

Former AGT winner Grace VanderWaal has officially joined TikTok, and she’s showing off a bold new look and attitude. The 16-year-old singer debuted a new hairstyle and fashion as she lip-synced about her “haters.”

Fans in the comments had mixed reactions to Grace’s new persona. Some of them were loving her style, while others expressed concern that she was changing herself too much at such a young age.

Grace VanderWaal Joins TikTok

Grace joined TikTok earlier this month, and currently has over 350,000 followers and more than 3 million likes. The singer recently debuted a short, buzzed haircut, and it looks like she’s since dyed it pink.


In a recent video, she posted her reaction to people telling her they had an “’embarrassing’ childhood fascination with me.” In the clip, she lip syncs to Lady Gaga singing, “I didn’t ask.” In another post, she lip syncs to Eminem.

In Grace’s most recent video, she shows off her new pink hair, styled in the front to look like horns. She wears a black jacket over a lacy top and lip syncs with a friend to “This Baby Don’t Cry” by K.Flay. One of the lyrics in the song is, “I blow a kiss to all the haters,” at which point Grace blows a kiss to the camera and winks.

What Do Fans Think Of Grace’s New Style?

Grace’s most recent TikTok post has garnered a variety of reactions from fans. Some of them complimented her hair and outfit, with one even calling it a “glow up.” However, others lamented the change and even expressed concern for her.


“Another one lost to the Hollywood sign,” wrote one commenter. Another said it’s an example of “how fame changes people.” Yet another wrote, “Dear god what happened to you.” Some also said they were “worried” about her. According to Page Six, at least one person has even compared Grace to Miley Cyrus.

It’s certainly a far cry from her style when she won AGT in 2016 at just 12 years old. Since her win, Grace has put out two EPs and an album, and made her acting debut in the Disney movie Stargirl. She first showed off an edgier style last year.

In a recent Instagram video, Grace told fans that she was dealing with “mental battles,” adding, “I can’t explain it but I’ve been filled with hope and motivation to get better and heal my past.”


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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