‘AGT’ Winner Grace VanderWaal ‘Scared’ After Man Threatens To Kill Her [VIDEO]

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Grace Vanderwaal had fans tuning in to her TikTok Livestream where she shared a very scary experience with them. The ‘AGT’ winner got candid after a man threatened her online. Check out the live stream down below and how fans comforted her while she was visibly shaken up.

Grace VanderWaal Describes ‘Scary’ Online Experience To Her Fans

She had previously been on the chatroom site Omegle and called it a “scary” experience. The 16-year-old spoke about how someone held a gun up to his head when she chatted with him on the website. “Oh my god I’m scared,” she said repeatedly during the live stream. But she shifted gears and began answering questions from fans. Grace sported her shaved head that she dyed pink long with rhinestones on her teeth and underneath her eyes.

It didn’t take long for Grace’s fans to continuously ask why she kept saying that she was scared. “A dude literally screamed at me and told me he was going to kill me and find my IP Address,” she said. “I feel like I’m in sixth grade…it’s so stupid but I’m literally scared.” She proceeded to call it “genuinely scary.” A fan commented that the most someone can do is find what city Grace is in currently. Grace responded that she is not currently in the city that she lives in at the moment.


“You look like James Charles,” one fan wrote. Grace let out a giggle but said “I literally can’t laugh, I’m sorry.” She added that when she went onto Omegle, the worst thing she thought she was going to see was males exposing their genitals. The America’s Got Talent winner brought her dog over to come sit in her lap and declared that she wasn’t scared anymore. “I’m not on anything,” she said when a fan asked a question about whether or not she was on drugs.

Grace Teased New Music Coming Out And Spoke On Her New Look

In some lighter news, Grace did say she will be coming out with more original music in the future. So definitely be on the lookout for more Grace Vanderwaal songs. Grace explained how she struggled a lot in the studio and cried a lot but feels better. She just recently had major success with her film Stargirl which premiered on Disney+. She played the title role in the movie which recieved great reviews.

Some fans asked her about her new look and why she changed it so “drastically.” Grace said that she often gravitates towards more “funky things” since she was young but doesn’t think the look is so drastic. “A lot of people had a big break from me, a lot of people didn’t see me for many years so the transition seemed maybe more abrupt than how it really was,” she said.


Grace finished off the video saying she feels “fine” after her scary experience.


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