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‘America’s Got Talent’ Top 36 Predictions — Who is Going to the Live Shows?

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The Season 16 America’s Got Talent live shows are just two weeks away. After the two week break for the Olympic coverage, we’ll know the 36 acts moving on. After gathering hints from the promos and looking at how each act is received online, we’ve come up with our own predictions.

The 36 Acts We Think Are Going to Make it to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Shows

There are six Golden Buzzers already going through to the lives shows. They are: Victory Brinker, Léa Kyle, Nightbirde, Northwell Health Nurse Choir, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, and Jimmie Herrod.

A few of the Top 36 were revealed in a promo at the end of the last America’s Got Talent auditions episode. The acts who made it through received a box with a Golden Buzzer in it. The rest of the 36 contestants were left up in the air. Twitter was outraged to be left in the dark by the show. But, it’s always fun to speculate who the rest of the lucky performers are. Now, it’s time for the big prediction!

1. Klek Entos

Mysterious magician Klek Entos is one of the acts who received the special golden box in the promo last week. This means he will be moving onto the live shows to show off some more insane tricks.


2. Dustin Tavella

Dustin Tavella is also one of the acts whose fate was revealed during last week’s episode. His emotional magic act dedicated to his adopted son was a major highlight of the auditions.


3. Johnny Showcase

Johnny Showcase was shown in last week’s promo sitting in a bathtub after opening up the golden box. He will be moving on to the live shows with another eccentric song.


4. The Curtis Family C-Notes

The Curtis Family C-Notes will be moving on to the live shows after opening the golden box in the promo. They are the coolest family band ever and Momma Curtis can sing her heart out.


5. Shuffolution

Shuffolution is a group ready to revolutionize shuffling and get the recognition they deserve. America’s Got Talent is all about new and exciting acts and this is definitely one of them.


6. Canine Stars

Every season needs a good dog act. Canine Stars really had the judges laughing with their new spin on the classic dog act. It would be pawesome to wow us with another dog skit in the live shows.


7. Rialcris

Rialcris proved that they are super strong, super sexy, and have total faith in one another during their balancing act audition. They must have more tricks up their sleeve to show to America.


8. Josh Blue

Josh Blue is the most memorable comedian of the bunch and has years of stand-up experience under his belt. He is a seasoned pro and the judges would be making a huge mistake if they sent him home.


9. Alexandra Cote

Season 16 definitely has room for two dog acts. Alexandra Cote and her pups stole Simon Cowell’s heart and are ready to do the same in the live shows.


10. Matt Mauser

Matt Mauser’s emotional audition was the most raw and real moment of the season. He isn’t on the show to win $1 million, but to show his kids how to keep going after the death of his wife, Christina.


11. Ray Singleton

Singer Ray Singleton’s America’s Got Talent audition tugged at the judges heart strings. He has been compared to John Legend on social media. This kind of compliment isn’t just thrown around loosely, and we can’t wait to see Ray sing again.


12. Les Beaux Frères

Les Beaux Frères got a little bit naughty with their towel act. It’s the raunchiness America’s Got Talent needs in the live shows to teeter on the lines of being a family show or not.


13. Matt Johnson

Escape artist Matt Johnson brings major danger with every performance he does. He is one of the few danger acts that auditioned this season which gives him an edge in the competition.


14. Keith Apicary

Keith Apicary had one of the most iconic dance performances ever on the America’s Got Talent stage. His act was unexpected and also pretty hilarious which left a mark on the judges and viewers.


15. Aidan Bryant

Aerialist Aidan Bryant might be young, but he proved that he has the skills of someone who has been in the game for years. He was one of the more entertaining aerialists that auditioned this season.


16. Danila Bim

Danila Bim’s audition aired over a month ago and our scalps still hurt. The aerialists suspends herself in the air using only her hair. This is something we have never seen on the show before.


17. Korean Soul

Boybands are the new craze on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent. Korean Soul delivered the cleanest vocals out of all of the other singing groups during the auditions. They also have killer style.


18. UniCircle Flow

UniCircle Flow proved that they have the most incredible balancing and concentration skills with their unicycle routine. This act isn’t easy but they somehow make it look effortless.


19. Dflex

Contortion acts always gross the judges out in the best way possible. Dflex can bend his body in unimaginable positions that will look even cooler with a stage production behind it.


20. Kevin Micoud

Kevin Micoud literally showed the world Terry Crews’ brain during his audition. Mentalism has never been done on the show like this before and it would be interesting to see if it goes off without a hitch live.


21. Chapkidz

Dance acts always have a tough time impressing the judges in the live shows. Chapkidz is a new and exciting group that could potentially break the dance group spell on the show.


22. T.3

T.3 rivals Korean Soul with their clean harmonies and musical arrangement. Their version of “Into the Unknown” is still stuck in our heads weeks after it aired on television.


23. Patrick Kun

The America’s Got Talent judges love close-up magic. Patrick Kun is one of the many magicians looking to find success on the show like Shin Lim. This is his shot.


24. The Sklar Brothers

The Sklar Brothers take a completely new spin on the traditional comedy act by performing as a duo. It’s twice the funny all of the time and their synchronization is on point.


25. Dylan Zangwill

Dylan Zangwill performed a Queen song as if he has been a rockstar traveling the globe for decades. The fact that he is so young and so talented has superstar written all over him.


26. Pasha and Aliona

Pasha and Aliona was the most shocking act of the Season 16 auditions by far. If there’s any way to take this act a step further, Pasha could be looking at a spot in the Top 10.


27. Sergio Paolo

Sergio Paolo took juggling to a whole new level with his audition. There is no telling on what other tricks he has up his sleeve to make this act even more exciting. We’d love to find out!


28. Temple London

Temple London is a father and son duo that put on an epic display of martial arts skills. This is an act that we can’t see the judges letting go because of how many risks they take.


29. Cam Bertrand

Cam Bertrand is an unforgettable comedian that can appeal to a younger crowd. Typically we see these comedy legends that have been in the game for years. Cam can add a fresh new perspective to his jokes.


30. Michael Winslow

Voicetramentalist Michael Winslow is an absolute legend. He can imitate any kind of voice or animal and was a hit with his audition. The show would be taking a huge loss if they didn’t put him through to the America’s Got Talent live shows.


31. Storm Large

Storm Large is a classic example of a singer who should be famous already. She’s just that good. Performing in the live shows could give her the exposure she needs to get her big break.


32. Beyond Belief Dance Company

Beyond Belief Dance Company is led by popular drag queen Alyssa Edwards. Of course this group will be put through to the next round. Alyssa is way too well-known for the group to just be sent home.


33. Peter Rosalita

Singer Peter Rosalita has one of the most popular auditions of the season. America’s Got Talent viewers absolutely love watching kid singers blossom on the stage. Peter could go very far in the competition.


34. Gina Brillon

Gina Brillon is the most underrated comedian of the season. What makes her special is that she is very down to earth and makes jokes about relatable things.


35. Madilyn Bailey

Singer Madilyn Bailey has a massive social media following. Heidi Klum didn’t necessarily love her act but the judges could agree to send her through once they realize how many fans she has all over the world.


36. Sethward

Sethward is the wildcard of the bunch. He finally got a “yes” from Simon Cowell which could finally mean that the live shows are around the corner for him. It feels like Sethward is an inch closer to his big break.

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