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Alexandra Côté: A Canadian Dog Trainer with a Dream

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Alexandra Côté is a dog trainer from Quebec, Canada who will be a part of the next round of auditions for America’s Got Talent. When taking a quick glimpse online at Alexandra Côté, there’s not much that comes up without her furry companions. Côté has two border collies named Louka and Tesla, both skilled disc dogs. 

Louka and Tesla both compete in disc competitions. Being a disc dog means that both of Alexandra’s border collies have been trained to perform stunts. These stunts typically include a disc that has been flung into the air, or features the dogs doing backflips off of Alexandra herself.  

Alexandra created her Instagram account in Sept. 2018. She has since filled it with photos and videos of her dogs jumping high into the sky on command. Plus, there’s even a photo of Louka from the 2018 US Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN) championship!


The Dog that Began her Dream

Although we’re not quite sure how Alexandra began dog training, she has shared photos that might be linked to the beginning of her dog training days. Her first dog Guizmo seems to have gotten her going.

“He was my first dog. Because of him, I discovered my real passion: dog training. He taught me to believe in myself and overcome my fears (heart emoji) 2011-2018,” she said in a Facebook post.

Alexandra is More Than Thankful to Compete on ‘AGT’

Alexandra put out a statement on her Facebook page expressing just how excited she was to be apart of AGT this season. She also shared that English is not a strong point for her.

“When someone asked me if I wanted to be a part of the very famous America’s Got Talent show and that I accepted, I didn’t realize how BIG it was. When I finally knew I was taken for the auditions, I was totally freaked out, but I decided to face my fears in order to live 110% of this wonderful experience and adventure,” she went on to thank everyone who supports her. 

The comments of this post are in both English and French. Every single one seems to be from a fan wishing Alexandra well on her AGT journey.

“You are awesome. Your dogs are awesome! And your English is amazing! Do not underestimate your many talents. I am dying to hear what Simon had to say…I think I can guess…” wrote one fan.

“I can’t wait for CA (heart emoji) congratulations, you deserve it so much after dedicating yourself so much! A real champion, you are a machine! and you too for having persevered with her so much, I’m quite proud of you guys!” wrote another fan in French.

Alexandra also created a TikTok channel back in May and already has 23,000 followers. With only five posts so far, it’s pretty incredible that each video racks up millions of views. One video of her and her dogs jumping rope has already been viewed 2.1 million times.

It’s possible that won’t be Alexandra’s only viral video after her AGT audition this week. Early release photos show judge Simon Cowell up on stage during the act, so we’ll be waiting to see if Alexandra and her pups are able to steal his heart.

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