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‘AGT’ Singer Ray Singleton Sticks by Wife Roslyn’s Side During Brief Hospital Stay

ray singleton agt singer wife cancerRay Singleton IG / Trae Patton/NBC

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After weeks of seeing Ray and Roslyn Singleton’s smiles lighting up the AGT promos, they will finally be making their debut on Tuesday’s episode. The competition is stiff this year and there are quite a few incredible singers who have impressed the judges so far. One thing that separates Ray from the rest is his positive attitude and the love he has for his wife.

‘AGT’ Star Ray Singleton and Wife Roslyn Keep Positive Attitudes Despite Recent Health Battle

Ray and Roslyn have shared their love story on their Instagram accounts with their combined 107,000 followers. Now they are gearing up to share their story with the whole world during the upcoming AGT episode. Roslyn is a two-time cancer survivor who radiates positive energy.

Despite her recent hospital stay for brain swelling, Roslyn kept her followers updated with a smile on her face. She posted a live video from her hospital room before she was set to get an MRI. Ray sat by his wife’s side hoping that the nurses wouldn’t kick him out after visiting hours. Running on just three hours of sleep, Roslyn joked that Ray “doesn’t mind looking raggedy to support his wife.” The singer never chooses anything over sleep aside from being his wife’s support system.

Roslyn explained how the doctors gave her a steroid to keep her brain from swelling and a shot in her stomach to prevent blood clots. She kept reiterating that she is feeling much better after getting medicine. The couple from Charlotte, North Carolina even shared a laugh when a follower asked Ray to sing “This Little Light of Mine” in the hospital.

Roslyn is Out of the Hospital Ahead of Ray’s Audition Airing on Television

“I don’t really talk about pain a lot,” Roslyn explained. “That’s one form of internalizing that I have to work on but it was taking me through. I couldn’t deal with it. I hadn’t slept in three or four days because my back was hurting so bad.”

Ros thanked everyone for their prayers and support. She got a little emotional at one part of the video after reading out some of the comments.

“I’m not gonna cry but I am going to tell y’all that I’m good,” she assured.

Ray put everyone at ease on Thursday night when he posted an Instagram story to announce “she’s home.” He later posted a video of the pair cuddled up watching the promo of his AGT audition. As a seasoned songwriter and musician, Ray is a strong contender for the $1 million prize. Getting to see him share his talent with the world with his wife by his side might just be better than the prize itself.

Tune in to AGT on NBC at 8 p.m. on Tuesday to see Ray’s full audition and what the judges think of this talented singer.

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