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‘AGT’s Sethward Finally Makes it Onto the Show After Years of Failed Auditions


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America’s Got Talent would be nothing without its cooky novelty acts and comedy performers that always have the audience laughing. Sethward has become a regular at the auditions throughout the series. Finally, it looks like this season he might actually have a chance to make it far on the show.

Sethward Became a Household Name on ‘The Gong Show’

Sethward began performing in college and eventually became a master of improv comedy. Most fans fell in love with his out-of-the-box comedy routines on The Gong Show in 2017. He slithered on the stage dressed as a snake in front of Lego Masters host Will Arnett. He infamously called up a member of the audience and swallowed him inside of his snake suit. The audience member escaped from the costume and looked totally mortified.

The following year, Sethward returned to The Gong Show a number of times. He came dressed as a walrus but his act was over in a matter of seconds after the judges hit the gong. In July 2018, Sethward dressed as a chicken looking for his mom. Arnett regurgitated gummy worms into Sethward’s mouth. One thing that we can say about Sethward is that he is always very committed to his act.

In August 2018, Sethward performed on The Gong Show in front of Masked Singer guest judge Rob Riggle. He was dressed like a cow this time. He brought Riggle up on stage to help milk his fake utter which is probably the weirdest thing he has ever been asked to do. Riggle began milking Sethward but milk started exploding out of his costume. Sethward slipped on the milk and fell as Riggle left the stage. Judge Ed Helms was literally laughing so hard that he was red in the face.

In his final appearance on The Gong Show, Sethward came hopping onto the stage as a bunny. His act was cut short when the judges hit the gong. Ken Jeong served as a judge during the episode and did find the routine funny.


He Took His Act to Several Talent Shows Abroad

All of his eccentric appearances on The Gong Show paved the way for him to appear on other talent competition shows like iUmor Romania, Tu Si Que Vales, and Das Supertalent. He performed the snake routine again on Das Supertalent, this time lifting one of the judges, Bruce Darnell, up and putting him inside of the snake costume. Darnell was trapped inside of the costume and his fellow judges Dieter Bohlen and Sylvie Meis had to come pull him out.

Sethward did not move on to the next round of the competition. There was a consolation prize though because he went viral for this 2018 audition with over 2.5 million views. While appearing on all of these shows, Sethward has been consistently posting on his YouTube channel that he started in 2009.

Sethward Has Auditioned for ‘America’s Got Talent’ Four Times

It was only a matter of time before Sethward decided to audition for America’s Got Talent in between his busy schedule. He first auditioned as a caterpillar in Season 13. His act took him through a metamorphosis as he turned into a butterfly. He was buzzed by all four judges and received boos from the audience. A hole in his costume exposed his privates to the judges.

Instead of giving up, Sethward decided to try out for the show again. In Season 14, he came dressed as a giraffe and got four red buzzers. He once again flashed the judges as Terry Crews dragged him off the stage. He returned to the stage once more, this time dressed in his signature walrus costume. The costumed crusader fell off the stage and even got a big hug from Simon Cowell afterward. He did not receive enough votes to move on in the competition.

Season 16 of America’s Got Talent proved that four times really is the charm for Sethward. He came dressed as a peacock and showed everyone that he could fly. Well, he actually fell and busted his butt but it was still super entertaining. He even got a little flirty with judge Sofia Vergara like an absolute boss. Finally after all of these years, Sethward received four yes’s and made it past the auditions. We can’t wait to see what routine he performs next.

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