The Cutest Dog Auditions in ‘America’s Got Talent’ History

Corey Cesare
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It’s no secret that America and Simon Cowell have something in common: a love for dogs. Everyone loves watching dogs take the America’s Got Talent stage, even if they don’t get too far in the competition.

While watching the show, after a while, you might get sick of seeing the same acts over and over again. Until, a furry friend comes on stage and turns your frown upside down. Which furry contestants were our favorites from past America’s Got Talent seasons?

1- Tesla and Louka

My absolute favorite is Alexandra Cote and her dogs Tesla and Louka. Simon LOVED these dogs. They jumped, danced, jumped rope, and wowed the audience with their talents on AGT. Honestly, I think what I liked the most about this act was the fact that the dogs had personality, and so did their owner. Everytime I watch this performance, I’m in awe of just how much personality Cote’s wink at the audience gives.

2- Pompeyo Family Dogs

In season 12, the Pompeyo family, and their furry companions took the stage. The family had five dogs on stage with them as they showed off each dog’s talents. Whether it was balance, spinning around or jumping rope, the audience loved what this act had to offer. I also love how this is a family act!

3- Carrie

In season 11, Jose brought his dog Carrie to the AGT stage to show off their dance moves. Carrie, the golden retriever in a dress, stood on its hind legs and danced with Jose to “Jump in The Line” by Harry Belafonte. How cute!

4- Mia Moore

In season 12, Edna Moore told her dog Mia, which numbers to count to on stage. The jaws of the judges and contestants were dropped when she barked to 4 for the first time. She even had host Tyra Banks choose a numbered flash card for Mia to count to. Edna didn’t say the number out-loud and Mia counted to it perfectly! When writing this, I actually found out that Mia passed away three years ago, rest in peace Mia, you had a great talent.

5- Falco

Lukas brought Falco on the AGT stage in season 14 and danced with him along to “Footloose.” Lukas and Falco were perfectly in-sync with their dancing. The audience roared when Falco jumped on to Lukas’ back, then repeated his motions for the rest of their act.

6- Hero

Sara brought her dog Hero to the AGT stage in season 12 and the audience thought their act was to die for! This was honestly one of the coolest acts I’ve ever seen on the AGT stage. Sara slashed a plastic sword while hero dodged it.

7- Canine Stars

This season 16 act had a lot going on, in the best way possible. There were dogs who were acting as the AGT judges and were so true to how our judges usually are. It was a really cool show, but im not sure what the talent of the dog judges are.

8- Oscar

In season 13, Pam brought her dog Oscar to steal the hearts of millions of AGT fans. He sang along to Pachelbel’s Canon by Johann Pachelbel, in perfect tone. Audience members, including Cowell, were shocked. Oscar is so freaking cute, I usually am not a huge fan of the dog singers because I think their voice is annoying, but I really like Oscar’s!

It’s no secret that dog acts are audience, and Cowell favorites. We’ve loved the past America’s Got Talent dog acts, will vote for the current dog acts, and are excited for the ones to come. Let us know which were your favorites in the comments!

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