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Meet Shuffolution: the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 16 Act Revolutionizing Shuffling


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America’s Got Talent‘s Shuffolution is one act already blowing up on social media. The passionate group of shufflers are revolutionizing this style of dance one step at a time.

Shuffolution Were Only Together for Three Months at the Time of Their Audition

Group member Kento Moriguchi posted a video on YouTube in April to talk about his journey to becoming a member of Shuffolution. He also included a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the groups America’s Got Talent audition, which took place on April 19, and airs Tuesday.

At the time of their audition, the group had only been together for three months. Now heading into their fourth month together, they are more than just friends. They consider themselves to be like a family.

Shuffolution spent most of their time in Santa Monica where they practiced in parking lots. This has all led up to hitting the iconic America’s Got Talent stage.


They Started A GoFundMe to Help Make Their Dreams Come True

Shuffolution started a GoFundMe to help raise funds to ease some of their travel and practice costs. Many of them left their jobs or work part-time in between their demanding rehearsals. They are calling upon friends, family, and fans to help make their dreams come true and pursue their passion of shuffling.

“Between grueling 7-hour commutes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, long rehearsals, the cost of studio space and uniforms, and needing a place to sleep & bathe, we continue to give our lives to this project but could use your support while doing so!” Shuffolution wrote on the fundraiser page.

One of Shuffolutions TikTok Videos Went Viral

Each of the members of Shuffolution has their own social media presence. When they came together to make group social media accounts, it wasn’t long before they went viral.

Shuffolution posted a TikTok video doing the shuffle challenge on the boardwalk at the beach. In a matter of days, the video now has 1.6 million views. Their TikTok account has quickly grown to 40,100 followers. Group member Vanesa Seco has over 2.2 million TikTok followers of her own.

The group posts videos dancing in public, always creating a huge spectacle. If they make it to the live shows on America’s Got Talent, all of the attention they gain online could help them when it comes time for fans to vote.

This Group is on a Mission to Make Shuffling More Widely Recognized

Shuffolution has made it very clear that its mission is to get shuffling recognized as a professional dance style. We have seen shuffling take off on TikTok especially over the past two years. Shuffling isn’t easy. It takes a ton of skill, coordination, and concentration. The members of Shuffolution are absolute pros and should be recognized as such.

Shuffling was first popularized in the 1980s. It involves shuffling your feet inwards and outwards which sounds simple until you try it without a tutorial. Thankfully now, so many young shufflers post tutorials on TikTok for those of us that aspire to shuffle like the members of Shuffolution.

“This experience was everything and more!!! Can’t wait to see the others acts this Season 16!” group member Lauren Corazza wrote on Instagram.

The comments section is already flooded with fans that are rooting for Shuffolution. Even before their audition airs on television they are making an impact and gaining more notoriety for their shuffling passion.

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