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Spooky Magician Klek Entos Brings Mystery to ‘America’s Got Talent’

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One of the most intriguing acts still in store for Season 16 of America’s Got Talent is Klek Entos. The mysterious magician previously competed on France’s Got Talent with a spooky act that mesmerized the judges.

Entos’ identity was a mystery to French viewers for most of the season, until he finally revealed himself to be a past contestant on the show. Now he’s bringing his spooky brand of magic to the AGT stage.

‘AGT’ Magician Klek Entos Competed on ‘France’s Got Talent’

Magician Klek Entos competed on France’s Got Talent in 2020. He looked like something out of a horror movie, as he wore a black and white mask over his head and carried an axe. When he spoke, his voice was very deep.

For his audition, Entos showed the judges a magic trick in which he made a tarantula appear and disappear. He continued on the show with this spooky brand of magic, making it all the way to the finale. Along the way, he showed off tricks involving a bird, a snake, and a rabbit.


Entos makes a brief appearance in a promo for next week’s AGT. He appears to be doing something with fire, although that really doesn’t narrow down which routine he’s performing. Maybe it will be a new trick entirely. Either way, we predict the judges will be mystified and possibly a little bit scared by the act — especially if there’s a tarantula.

The magician has teased his upcoming AGT appearance on Instagram, posting photos from the set. His Instagram profile reads, “Child of the dreamlike, explorer of bizarre Magick and Master of Klecksography. Are you sure you are really awake?”

The Magician’s True Identity Is David Stone

In the finale of France’s Got Talent last year, Entos took off his mask to reveal his true identity. He turned out to be David Stone, a magician who had previously competed on the show in 2018. As you might have noticed, Entos is an anagram of Stone.

Stone said in an interview that he lied to his friends and family in order to keep his identity a secret. Even the actor who did the character’s voice didn’t know who he really was. Stone even wore a box on his head while on set so no one would see his face.


Stone’s magic under his real name seems to be more humorous than his performances as Entos. He’s obviously not being as secretive this time around, as he even shared a photo from outside AGT showing off his real face. However, it’s not clear how much he will give away on the show itself, as American audiences aren’t familiar with him.

A mysterious character like this has never won the show, so it would be cool to watch that play out. Interestingly, Klek Entos has even more followers than David Stone on Instagram.

Klek Entos is similar to another masked magician who competed on Britain’s Got Talent. His named was X, and his identity was a mystery until he removed his mask and revealed himself to be past contestant Marc Spelmann. He later competed on AGT: The Champions.

Entos also reminds us a bit of past AGT contestant the Sacred Riana, who mixed magic with horror and thoroughly creeped out the judges. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to watch Entos perform.

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