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‘America’s Got Talent’ Hints at Which Contestants Make it Through to Live Shows

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America’s Got Talent gave viewers the ultimate fake-out last night in what we thought would be the Judge Cuts episode. Instead of revealing the 36 acts that made it through to the live shows, they gave us a teaser of what to expect in the next episode.

The show did away with traditional Judge Cuts last season due to the pandemic. This season followed the same trend. It will return in three weeks with the live shows, giving us the answer about which acts went through. But, the judges did throw out a few hints as to who will be performing on that stage. One such clue was a giant board with the contestants photos on it.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Promo Hints At Which Contestants Make it Through to the Live Shows

Unfortunately, not immediately revealing which acts made it through to the lives did disappoint a lot of fans. Olympic coverage is ready to flood NBC, leaving America’s Got Talent fans without their source of weekly entertainment. The least the producers could have done is put out a list of the lucky 36 contestants. It is definitely a tactic used to get people to tune in when the show returns on August 10.

America's Got Talent Judge Cuts

“AGT really pissed me off,” one Twitter user wrote. “Doing away with Judge Cuts is one thing but not revealing the live show acts is ridiculous. 3 weeks of waiting with no episodes is ridiculous.”

During the quick few seconds we got to see of the judges deliberations, Simon Cowell is putting the contestants photos on a bulletin board. They are using the board to count out all 36 acts that are moving on. If you zoom in on the board, you can totally see which contestants the judges are considering.

The acts whose names are visible on the board are as follows:

  • Matt Mauser
  • Aidan Bryant
  • Les Beaux Freres
  • Shuffolution
  • Keith Apicary
  • Patrick Kun
  • Rialcris
  • Sergio Paolo
  • Kabir Singh
  • Chapkidz
  • Beyond Belief Dance Company
  • Mitch Burrow
  • Anica
  • Canine Stars

Group Golden Buzzer Victory Brinker’s name also appears on the board. The judges were likely looking to see how the lineup stacks up against each other. While we don’t know for sure if this is the final batch of contestants, these are just the ones that the judges were considering to put through. The one that really sticks out on the list is Anica.


Cowell did not love Anica’s act and actually gave her a “no” during her audition. The other judges put her through. It seems crazy to think that three judges loving an act is enough to decide to put them through to the live shows. We’ll see if Anica actually does end up in the live shows after all.

A Handful of Contestants Going Through to the Lives Have Been Announced

In the last couple of seconds of the episode, some contestants were briefly shown receiving a box in the mail with a Golden Buzzer inside. This signifies that they made it to the live shows. If you blinked during this segment, you probably missed it.

The Curtis Family C-Notes, Dustin Tavella, Klek Entos, and Johnny Showcase received this box. Two more scenes show contestants opening up these boxes but their faces were not shown. It does look like one of them is Shuffolution. Since Shuffolution and the Curtis Family C-Notes were both on the board that the judges were putting together, expect most of the above list of contestants to go through as well.

So far, none of the America’s Got Talent acts that were spotted opening up a gold box have spoken out about it on social media. They probably also got the memo to keep quiet to get more people to tune in on August 10. We all just have to patiently play the waiting game until the show returns.

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