What Happened to Tyra Banks? ‘AGT’ Host Turned ‘DWTS’ Host

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Tyra Banks served as the host of America’s Got Talent from 2017 to 2018 as the replacement for Nick Cannon. After just two seasons, Banks was gone in a flash. Many wondered what the real reason was behind her exit from the show. Despite getting hit with a lawsuit, she has continued a successful career as a host, entrepreneur, and producer after AGT.

Banks rose to fame as a supermodel walking international runways, landing on every magazine cover you could imagine, and even began acting. She served as host and head judge on America’s Next Top Model for almost 15 years.

AGT fans had mixed reactions when Banks was announced as the host for Season 12. We can’t forget when she hit her first-ever Golden Buzzer for Light Balance and hit it again in Season 13 for Zucaroh.

Tyra Banks, ‘AGT’ Were Hit with a Lawsuit

In 2017, an AGT contestant filed a lawsuit saying that Banks humiliated her daughter backstage. The contestant, known as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, auditioned for the show with her husband. They sang a song about their daughter, Mary Doe, who was there to support them. Jane complained that she and her husband were “humiliated” by the judges and the audience and received harsh criticism.

Banks allegedly made fun of the song in front of Mary. She was also accused of pulling Mary’s hair back, shaking her shoulder, physically manipulating her, and telling her that she was accidentally conceived. The couple requested their performance not air on television, but the request was refused. AGT never outright said that the lawsuit was the reason why Banks left the show.

We never really heard much more about this case years later and it’s unclear if it was dismissed or settled. The lawsuit could have had something to do with the decision to hire Terry Crews for AGT: Champions and AGT

She Faced ‘Top Model’ Outrage

We are in the age of streaming services that allow us to binge-watch some of our favorite shows. You would think that re-watching America’s Next Top Model would allow some of us to relive our childhoods. Instead, fans of the show were full of criticism after watching re-runs.

They called out Banks for upholding hypercritical beauty standards, criticizing one contestant’s gapped teeth, discouraging one contestant for being proud of her sexuality, and having contestants pose as different races on the show. Banks has always preached body positivity and has long put body shamers on blast for criticizing her appearance. That’s why it was so bizarre for fans to watch the episodes back and see her make these comments. 

Her name began trending on Twitter in May 2020 when problematic clips from America’s Next Top Model were shared online. Plus, everyone got to relive the uncomfortable moment between Banks and contestant Tiffany Richardson. It was the first time Banks totally lost her cool and yelled on the show. Banks later addressed the criticism in a 2020 tweet.

“Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you,” she wrote. “Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs.”

The Big ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Mess Up

The Dancing With The Stars franchise was totally shook when Banks took over hosting duties from Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews in Season 29. She was also tapped as the new executive producer of the show. Banks’ hosting abilities were slammed on social media after she flubbed the elimination results live

Banks mistakenly announced the wrong couple in jeopardy of going home. One couple she announced safe was actually in the bottom two. You could see the confusion on the contestants’ faces. She apologized by saying it was live television and that mistakes happen. It was just another thing for people to complain about. They felt like Bergeron would never make these kinds of mistakes.

The supermodel has turned the ballroom into a personal catwalk and has had multiple wardrobe malfunctions on the show. During one of her outfit changes, she did not have time to zipper her dress. She also lost an earring during one segment of the show. It’s clear that Banks is trying to keep fashion at the forefront of her hosting duties on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, fans are over her side comments and confusing commentary. 

Fans started a petition to remove Banks from the show and to reinstate Bergeron and Andrews as hosts again. It obviously didn’t work because Banks is back for Season 30. All of the Season 30 posts on the official Dancing with the Stars Instagram are full of people bashing Banks. She is not a bad host. She just makes the show about her and less about the actual celebrities dancing. 

Tyra Banks Made a Return to Modeling

Amid all of the controversies surrounding the host, Banks came out of modeling retirement to pose for the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover. It marked her third cover with the publication. In 1997, she became the first black model to land a solo cover. 

In an appearance on The Today Show in 2020, she offered up advice to people who want to go into so many different lanes. She advised them to be different, a lesson she taught during her personal branding classes at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Yes, in her busy schedule, Banks somehow found the time to teach classes.

In between all of her hosting and business ventures, Banks also worked on Life-Size 2, the sequel to the very successful 2000 television film. She confirmed in 2020 that she was working on Life-Size 3. She plays the Eve Doll in the movie which is basically a Barbie that comes to life. 

Smize Cream is Her Latest Business Venture

Banks founded the company SMiZE Cream, “a super-premium ice cream with an edible surprise in every cup, called the SMiZE SURPRiZE.”

If you didn’t watch America’s Next Top Model, you probably don’t know about smize. It’s Bank’s signature look in which you smile with just your eyes.

She opened up a SMiZE Cream shop in Santa Monica and also sells the product in her online store. She recently collaborated with American Idol judge Lionel Richie on a flavor called “All Night Love.” It’s probably delicious, however, $13 per pint is a little hefty.

Whether you love her or you can’t stand her hosting style, Banks is here to stay in the entertainment world. Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars premieres Sept. 20, so be sure to watch for more Bank-able moments.

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