Simon Cowell Brings Back ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ After 10-Year Break

Canada's Got Talent returnsCityTv

Canada’s Got Talent will return after 10 years off the air. The famous ‘Got Talent’ format aired just one season in Canada before it was denied a second season. Simon Cowell has called the show’s revival an “amazing experience” and “opportunity.”


‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Returns to CityTv

Canada’s Got Talent will finally return next year after ten years. The show lasted one season on the CityTv network originally before it was canceled.

Back in 2012, the ‘Got Talent’ show was scrapped due to the economic climate. The show will return in partnership with Fremantle and McGillivray Entertainment Media Inc.

Canada’s Got Talent is set to begin filming this Fall, with auditions airing in early 2022. It is yet to be announced whether Cowell will appear on the panel as a judge. Cowell currently appears on the judging panel of both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. According to Variety, the TV mogul will have some form of executive role in the show’s general production.

“We’ve seen so many talented people from Canada over the years and we always said we’ve got to make this show again,” Cowell said after the announcement. “I am so excited ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ is returning and believe it will be an amazing experience. I would like to personally thank Citytv for giving the show and all of the contestants this opportunity.”

“The Got Talent franchise has stood the test of time and has consistently held massive audiences across all platforms and we’re excited to connect fans – and advertisers – more deeply with both the Canadian and American versions of the show,” said Hayden Mindell, VP of programming at CityTV.

Cowell’s Other ‘Got Talent’ Formats

Under the noses of many, Cowell has aired a small online ‘Got Talent’ spinoff show in Canada just last year. The spin-off, Canadian Family’s Got Talent, saw an entirely virtual talent show format on CityTv with Cowell crowning the winners in the final episode.


Canada is not the only country in recent years to see a revival or premiere of a ‘Got Talent’ show. In the last two years, several Got Talent formats have made a grand entrance. Both Persia and Malta have seen brand new shows in their own countries. Australia saw a return of it’s own version after a two year break in 2019 with Nicole Scherzinger appearing on the panel.


Pablo Urdiales Antelo
Pablo Urdiales Antelo

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