Ranking the 5 Best ‘X Factor UK’ Judges in the History of the Show

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There’s no denying that the X Factor UK discovered incredible talent on each series of the show. Along the way, the network has found some of the best judges to ever sit on a competition show panel.

It’s almost been a year since the X Factor UK was officially cancelled at iTV. To reminisce on one of the best competition shows in the game, let’s look back at some of the best judges to ever since on the panel. Here are our Top 5 favorite judges ever on the X Factor UK.

5. Cheryl

This pop singer and former member of Girls Aloud had to be included as one of the best judges purely based on her show legacy. She joined the the X Factor UK in 2008 and remained as a judge until 2010. After a short hiatus and appearance on X Factor U.S.A., she returned to the show in 2014 and 2015. During her time on X Factor UK, she mentored the girls, boys, and group categories. She made history as the only judge to be the winning mentor for two consecutive series.

4. Nicole Scherzinger

This The Masked Singer panelist was one of the biggest icons on the X Factor UK judging panel. She proved that she was a powerhouse of a judge whenever she brought the energy to set. The Pussycat Doll singer was always the first to get out of her seat in encouragement. It’s no secret chemistry was one of the most important aspects to the X Factor UK competition. Scherzinger always made it a point to have a strong chemistry with other judges and her team.

Scherzinger also brought a fair share of flirtatious moments to the X Factor UK over the years. Most notably is her widely reported “romantic” relationship with 2016 winner Matt Terry. It’s still unknown whether her flirtatious nature were real or just publicity stunts.

3. Louis Walsh

Out of all the judges on the X Factor UK, Walsh remained on the panel the longest. Since he spent the most time on the panel, he knew the show better than any other judge. He began as a judge on the X Factor UK in series 1 (2004) and remained in the role until series 11 (2014). Walsh returned to the series for both 13 and 14 before leaving the show in 2018. On top of the series itself, he also appeared on The X Factor: Battle of The Stars, The X Factor: Celebrity (UK), The X Factor (U.S.A.) season 2, and X Factor Around The World. He never failed to impress the audience!

2. Sharon Osbourne

It’s hard to think about The X Factor UK without remembering the most charismatic judge, Sharon Osbourne. This judge always knew hot to be fierce and put Simon Cowell in line at just the right times. No matter how hard this show tried, no one replaced her personality on the show. Even though Osbourne was on the show for many series, she never mentored a successful star. Her only winner, Sam Bailey, went on to become one of the show’s weakest winners.

1. Simon Cowell

This longtime judge is truly the heart and soul of any show he’s on. Just like with Osbourne, it’s hard to think of the X Factor UK without Cowell. He was on and off the show depending on his other engagements, but he was still one of the most loved judges on the show. Just like on American Idol, Cowell was known for his harsh criticism and honest truth on the X Factor UK. He knows a star when he sees one and has created some of the biggest artists in the world, including X Factor UK‘s own One Direction.

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