Build Your Ideal Simon Cowell Outfit and We’ll Tell You Your Hidden Talent


Simon Cowell’s Season 16 America’s Got Talent premiere wardrobe was…uncharacteristic. Those white shorts were so off-brand that even Heidi Klum questioned why on earth he chose that look for the first episode of the season.

Klum pointed out that she and fellow judge Sofia Vergara put in tons of work to get dressed up while Cowell showed up in loungewear. Vergara also asked “Is it casual Friday?”

Cowell’s look has definitely evolved over the years. Some viewers love his new, relaxed style. Others are simply confused. We want to hear from you! Build your dream Cowell outfit here and we’ll tell you your secret talent. You may just pick up a new hobby!

Tell us your results in the comments below and be sure to tune in Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. This season is set to be the most interesting and surprising yet, filled with even more wardrobe drama!


Taylor Fox
Taylor Fox

Taylor Fox is a Content Writer and Acting Managing Editor at Talent Recap. When she's not covering entertainment news, she can be found baking, reading, or exploring her new home, NYC. Taylor is an avid traveler and her cultural work has been published in a variety of magazines and websites.

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