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David Walliams Teased By Alesha Dixon And Simon During AGT! [WATCH]

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AGT judge Alesha Dixon hasn’t been quiet about her new job and the first to find out, of course is David Williams. During recent filming, Both Alesha and Simon took to Instagram to tease the BGT judge!

Alesha and Simon teasing David Williams while filming ‘AGT: The Champions’

Simon and Alesha have just finished filming ‘AGT: The Champions’ and by the looks of it, they’re having a blast! Alesha took a video of both Simon and Heidi on the panel for Season 2 on Instagram. Many jokes were heard taunting the BGT judge: ‘We really miss you’, Alesha says sarcastically which is followed by a blunt ‘Bye’ from Simon. Our favourite line by far was Heidi’s input: ‘I don’t know you but hi’. Ruthless!

However, here’s absolutely no need to feel sympathy for David; He’s a known trouble maker on BGT and there’s hard evidence to prove it:


Are you excited about new judge Alesha Dixon on America’s Got Talent?

Image result for agt alesha dixon the champions
Alesha has just joined the brand new AGT panel for ‘The Champions’

Alesha has just given birth to a baby girl

The brand new judge has given birth to her second child recently after keeping her pregnancy secret for 6 months. She was seen holding the newly born child as she returned to London, United Kingdom after AGT filming. Congratulations Alesha!

Do you know why Alesha Dixon kept the birth of baby Anaya a secret for 7 weeks? Find out here!

‘AGT: The Champions’ returns to our screens soon!

It’s not long before we see another season of ‘The Champions’ air and we cannot hold in our excitement! The one and only Terry Crews will be back hosting (and let’s be honest, that’s enough to make you tune in!) Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel will also join the panel of judges.

AGT‘ will keep the ‘super fan’ voting format so unfortunately the general public will not be able to vote due to the pre-recorded nature of the show. But don’t worry, there’s always Twitter to express any outrage you may have! It’s not 100% confirmed when the show will air but judging by when the last season began, we’re expecting it to hit out screens in early January; So see it as a late Christmas present.

You can catch ‘AGT: The Champions’ on NBC early next year. (We suspect the show will also be available on Netflix for all you international fans!)

Want to read Simon Cowell’s apology letter after his birthday celebration went wrong? Click HERE!

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