10 Most Heartbreaking Eliminations On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Jill O'Rourke
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There can only be one AGT winner each season, but some eliminations hit us hard. When a fan favorite or an act with an emotional story gets removed from the competition earlier than we expected, it can be disappointing.

Read on for a few of the most heartbreaking eliminations in recent AGT history, from finalists who should have placed higher to inspiring acts we wish we could have seen longer.

Heartbreaking ‘AGT’ Eliminations

V. Unbeatable

This acrobatic dance group from the slums of India seemed to be a frontrunner going into the finale this season. We expected them to at least be the runner-up, but instead they finished the competition in fourth place. Could they make a comeback on AGT: The Champions? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sacred Riana

This creepy magician won Asia’s Got Talent in 2017, but she didn’t have the same luck in the states. Even though her spooky trick scared the judges and audience, she was eliminated in the quarterfinals of Season 13. However, she remains one of the most memorable acts in the show’s history, and has gone on to star in a movie and an upcoming TV series.

Evie Clair

This talented 13-year-old singer from Season 12 tugged at viewers’ heartstrings as she continued to compete on the show after her father passed away from cancer. For the finale, she delivered an emotional performance of “What a Wonderful World” in honor of her dad. So it was disappointing to learn that she only made it to the bottom five of the Top 10. The good news is that Evie released an album just last year.

Angelica Hale

This young singer was the runner-up to Darci Lynne in Season 12. She shared her story of surviving bacterial pneumonia and receiving a kidney transplant from her mother. Angelica returned for AGT: The Champions, and became the first act to receive two AGT Golden Buzzers. She made it to the finals, but once again lost out on the title. However, we know there’s a bright future ahead for Angelica Hale.

Tape Face

This mime act from Season 11 has continued to be a fan favorite in the years since his first appearance, which is why it’s kind of disappointing that he didn’t make it higher than the bottom five finalists. He returned for AGT: The Champions but didn’t make it to the finals, and also didn’t make it past the preliminaries on BGT: The Champions. We still love you, Tape Face!

Sofie Dossi

This self-taught young contortionist wowed audiences in Season 11, but only made it to the bottom five finalists. She returned for AGT: Champions, but didn’t make it past the preliminaries. Considering how unique she was, it would have been exciting to see her finish the competition in a higher place. It’s not all about the singers, even though it might seem like that sometimes.

Preacher Lawson

This comedian from Season 12 has a great sense of humor about his loss to 12-year-old Darci Lynne. He only made it to the bottom five of the Top 10 in his season, but he returned for Champions and made it to fifth place. More recently, he even made it to the finals of BGT: The Champions. Considering a comedian has never won AGT, it would have been nice to see him place higher in his original season.


We’ll never forget this talented singer or her amazing story of surviving a plane crash when she was a teenager. Her beautiful voice only brought her to the bottom five of the Top 10 in Season 12. She returned for AGT: The Champions and received the Golden Buzzer from Simon cowell, but only made it to the bottom seven of the Top 12. However, her story and voice continue to inspire us.

Calysta Bevier

In Season 11, this teen singer shared her story of surviving ovarian cancer. Her performance of “Fight Song” earned the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, Calysta only made it to the semifinals in her season. We hope to see Calysta show up in a future Champions season.

Courtney Hadwin

Who could forget this young rock star? Courtney was a shy 13-year-old when she auditioned for Season 13 of AGT. Her powerful voice and old-school musical taste wowed the judges. However, she only made it to the bottom five finalists. She returned for Champions, but didn’t make it to the finals. Thankfully, she’s still performing covers on YouTube.

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