Simon Cowell And Girlfriend Lauren’s Leaked Birthday Letter

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Simon Cowell turned 60 this year and had planned an evening meal with huge celebrities at an all exclusive restaurant in Chelsea, London. After realizing that he is too busy with both AGT and X Factor this year, the party has been cancelled and the guests are not impressed!

Cowell postponed the event due to work commitments

Simon Cowell has been super busy this year and we don’t blame him for cancelling so late. With the live shows of X Factor in full swing and AGT: Champions filming just finished, it can be said that Simon really never stops!

The party was scheduled for 6:30pm at ‘La Famiglia’ in London, UK. Once Simon and his partner Laura had made the decision to postpone the event, a formal apology letter was sent out:

A spokesperson, when speaking to MailOnline said: ‘Simon’s priority is his incredibly busy work schedule over the next month and this, of course, includes the current series of The X Factor as well as other TV and music projects.’ Cowell is becoming more work orientated by the day and we’re not complaining! After all, the TV talent show industry is becoming more competitive by the second.

Celebs are left angry after flying out for the event

Celebrities across the world had planned to attend the big event in London to celebrate Simon’s party. Another spokesperson said: ‘Cancelling just days before has really thrown people’s plans up into the air.’ Now that’s awkward! The birthday celebration has been rescheduled for December later this year.

The famous celebs that were set to attend included Princess Margaret, Brigitte Bardot and Sir Michael Caine.

Do you think Simon was in the right to cancel the party?

Simon has missed rehearsals with X Factor contestants

Simon has been spending most of this year in the USA focusing on AGT. He was recently back in Los Angeles filming ‘The Champions’ along with new judge Alesha Dixon. Therefore, Simon has not spent enough time with ‘X Factor’ contestants on the live shows. ‘Max and Harvey’ had to make a quick song change before the first live show as a result.

The duo still managed to pull off an outstanding performance despite Simon’s absense

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