Why Alesha Dixon Kept The Birth Of Baby Anaya A Secret For 7 Weeks?

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To keep a secret for 7 week when you are hounded by the paparazzi constantly is no easy feet but if Kylie can do it, it is possible. Although many might not know this but BGT Judge, Alesha Dixon hid her pregnancy even before Kylie with her first baby and she did it again, this time with baby Anaya. Although Alesha’s reasons to do so might be more professional than personal

AGT: Champions judges line up by Shin Lin.

Alesha Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

7 weeks ago, you heard that right and on her birthday Alesha took to Instagram to reveal her baby daughter Anaya with husband Azuka Ononye. First of congratulations Alesha and Happy Birthday! Alesha is already mum to Azura Sienna, five, but chose to keep her second daughter’s birth private until today.

Why Alesha Dixon Hid Her Baby’s Birth?

So the last post she shared on Instagram was 1 day ago and it was of her glorious pregnant belly and she in a white chiffon gown.

In case you don’t know, BGT: The Champions finale aired this weekend and she was pregnant while the finale was filmed. To keep up with the mystery of who the winner is and to continue making the audience feel like the show was “live” instead of shot 6 months ago, even thought the winner was leaked, she kept up with the charade.

Alesha did have us all fooled and we were worried about her coming on AGT: The Champions given how close it was to the due date and if she would have enough time to recover. Although given her track record, we shouldn’t be surprised. She didn’t announce she was pregnant with her first child Azura until she gave birth. Yeah, I am telling you she is British Kylie Jenner 2.0

In an interview with The Sun, she had said, “Well, my partner knew, and my mum. But I didn’t tell anyone else in the family.

“No one at Britain’s Got Talent knew – although they must have suspected because my dresses had to be altered every week.”

Alesha on her first pregnancy.

What Does Anaya Mean?

As per Oh Baby, Anaya is a 21st century coinage with uncertain origins.

For one, “it could have developed from the masculine Hebrew name “Anaiah” which means “Yahweh (God) answers”. This name appears briefly in the Old Testament as a minor character.

Secondly, the word “Anaya” is said to mean “look up to God” in the Nigerian language of Ibo.”


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