David Walliams Says Being A ‘Britian’s Got Talent’ Judge Is Easy

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We all love Simon Cowell because he’s…well…Simon Cowell. But the judge that brings Britain’s Got Talent to life more than any other is David Walliams. The guy is just plain wacky and fun to watch. He is quintessentially a British comedian, which means he’s friggin’ weird. Discussing his six years as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent he says the most challenging part of his job is coming up with different stuff to say.

Thousands of people audition for BGT but the judges only see a few hundred. I say only but that’s still a lot of people. The ones we see on the show are just a small selection of the best (and worst) of the lot. But the rest of the gig sounds pretty easy if David is to be believed. He said,

“It’s not that hard — you just sit there and react to things and say, ‘Yes that was very good,’ or ‘No that did not do it for me.’ It’s really fun to do and it’s one of those shows where you can’t believe you’re getting paid to do it. Of course you can’t prepare for it — it would be a mistake to prepare. You just have to sit there and react. I guess it’s the way you say it. The hard thing is, you see on the TV show probably about 100 people. We see about 500 and I really think you’ve got to say something different for each person. You can’t just say the same thing over and over again. It’s hard to find 500 different ways to say yes or no to someone.”

Hell, I could do that. I can BS anyone. But I’m not as debonaire, goofy, and charming as David Walliams. I’m also not British at all. My people come from swarthy Spain and Cuba.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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