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‘American Idol’ Jax Teams Up with ‘AGT’ Harper to Create a Metal Version of the Song ‘Victoria’s Secret’

Jax on 'American Idol', Harper on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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American Idol alum Jax recently teamed up with America’s Got Talent alum and metal singer Harper. The unexpected collaboration brought forth a metal rendition of Jax’s original song “Victoria’s Secret” in a video post on TikTok.

The 1-minute clip gave viewers a glimpse of how the two would blend their singing styles, and it was nothing short of amazing. Jax’s vocals combined with Harper’s metal style of screaming are received with positive reactions from the fans. Even AGT judge Howie Mandel went to the comments to show how much he liked the clip.

This High Energy Collab Rocked the Fans Off Their Feets

The Pop singer and American Idol alum that sings with a soulful sound, featured Harper in her latest TikTok post. Jax Introduced Harper in the caption, saying that she has finally found her match.

“I finally found somebody to match my rage. Meet Harper. She’s 10 years old and wants to be a metal singer,” Jax wrote in the caption of the video.

They were able to pull off a rocking version of the song “Victoria’s Secret” thanks to Harper’s unique way of singing. Their high-energy singing especially in the chorus made the TikTok video very enjoyable to watch.


I finally found somebody to match my rage. Meet Harper. She’s 10 years old and wants to be a metal singer. This is Victoria’s Secret the metal version. 🤘🏼#victoriassecret #scream #rage @Thatyellafamily

♬ original sound – Jax

Fans were overjoyed to see the duo perform on TikTok, expressing how much they liked it in the comment section.

“Metal isn’t my kind of music BUT she absolutely killed it” a fan commented, talking about Harper’s singing.

The original singer of the song responded to the fan stating, “mine either and I like this version better than my own.”

This video has gained tons of views on TikTok, including none other than America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel. Ironically enough, the judge left a comment, saying that he would give a Golden Buzzer to the duo. It’s funny he commented this, since he was absent for Harper’s original audition.

Harper Recently Got Eliminated from AGT

Everyone will always remember Harper as the little girl that delivered a shocking performance in her AGT debut. Her unique style of singing which involves metal screams is definitely unheard of before from a 10-year-old girl.

For the semifinals, Harper sang her rendition of Ed Sheeran’s song “Bad Habits” while the judges watched in awe of her talent. After finishing her rendition of the song, Harper received a standing ovation from the live audience.

Harper recently got eliminated from the competition after not receiving enough votes to enter the Top five of the night. Although the outcome of the show was not what she had hoped for, Harper continues to be active in the music industry today. She released a music video for her debut single “Falling” last month available on all streaming platforms.

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