Where are the Top 10 Finalists of ‘American Idol’ Season 19?

Justin Jenkins
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American Idol Season 19 had it all from shocking eliminations to contestants abruptly leaving the show. There was no shortage of talent on the American Idol stage during the 2021 season. Stories of triumph and perseverance took center stage, all helping to deliver a stellar season.

With the new season of Idol set to premiere February 27, 2022, we are looking back and catching up with our Season 19 Top 10 finalists.

Chayce Beckham

Chayce was a 24 year old singer from Apple Valley, Cali. We first met him as he was coming out of some dark times. The singer opened up about his addiction story and how music saved his life. With his guitar in hand, Chayce blew the judges away. Katy Perry even predicted he would make the Top 5, and he ended up winning the whole thing. 

After his win, Chayce said he wanted to get his feet in the ground in Nashville. That dream recently came true for the Apple Valley native. He recently became a Nashville resident. Chayce moved with the help of his family to reunite with old buddies and other Idol alums Hunter Metts, Wyatt Pike, and Graham Defranco. His single “23” has been streamed over 5 million times on Spotify. He’s been on tour with Luke Combs, and recently released his duet “Can’t Do Without Me” with singer Lindsay Ell. We are not in Apple Valley California anymore!

Willie Spence

If you thought Willie Spence looked familiar before his audition, you probably saw the viral video of him singing his audition song in High School. The Douglas, Georgia native was just coming off a 200 pound weight loss for health reasons when he first auditioned. Using his family as motivation, Spence’s rendition of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” earned him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

After placing second, Willie went on to play festivals and most recently performed at Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He also released his latest song and video “So Gone.” Willie has said that the song was inspired by his parents and grandparents. If you think he is bitter over his American Idol loss, don’t worry. Willie recently reunited Chayce and finalist Hunter Metts.

Grace Kinstler

Fans will remember the 20 year old Chicago girl for making Luke Bryan cry during her audition. Bryan said it was the first time he has ever cried from hearing someone sing. The young singer already had several EPs before taking the Idol stage by storm. Her story of triumph after losing her father touched the hearts of the audience. 

After placing third, Grace has gone on to sing the national anthem for baseball games, and she recently moved to Los Angeles to record new music. Grace shared with her social media followers that criticism that she faced from Katy Perry during the competition helped her discover what kind of artist she wanted to be. She then shared a demo of a song that she’s been working on which sounds epic! 

Casey Bishop

4th Place winner Casey Bishop gave classical music a rockstar twist when she dominated throughout Season 19. The then 15 year old shocked the judges with her mature vocals. Luke even predicted that she could win the entire competition. On stage, Casey was known for wearing her lucky necklaces, but making it to the final four was not luck, it was pure talent. 

Weeks ago Casey reemerged to the thrill of her fans to announce that she signed a record deal and is working on original music. Casey signed with 19 Recordings and publishing partner BMG. Two of Idol’s biggest stars also signed with 19 recordings, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. If history repeats itself for a third time, we will be listening to the young rockstar for years to come. 

Caleb Kennedy

Caleb was considered a front runner during the season, but left when a video resurfaced of the singer wearing what appeared to be a KKK hood. His mother said her son was actually mimicking the movie The Strangers and the video was taken out of context, but many were quick to point out the hood worn by Caleb looked nothing like the movie costume.

These days, Caleb says he’s been working on new music. With his fan base, and considering his young age at the time of the video, I am sure he will have no issues with his career.

Hunter Metts 

Fans will remember Hunter Metts as the 22 year old who selflessly passed on the opportunity to try out for Idol twice, because it would have had a conflict of interest involving his sister’s job. I think part of the reason people loved Hunter so much was because of the emotional moment when he forgot the lyrics during one of his live performances.

Hunter was so popular that he was invited on the Ellen Degeneres show to perform, and didn’t even place in the Top 5. This past Summer, Hunter said he rented out a cabin and went right to work on his debut album. He also released his song “20,000 kisses.” The song went No. 1 on itunes on the singer-songwriter charts. 

Hunter also had two sold-out concerts at the historic Franklin Theater in Franklin, Tennessee. Fans are eagerly waiting for his debut album. 

Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn was first seen in American Idol Season 18 when he came in second place to Just Sam. During the comeback auditions, Gunn was placed in Season 19’s Top 10. Many fans believed Arthur was robbed during his season and supported his comeback, while others found it unfair to the Season 19 contestants to compete with the previous runner-up.

Gunn has released multiple albums after his Idol stint. He is managing his own career and continues to play live shows. He is controlling his career, his way. His “Save Me Now” music video is approaching 1 million views on YouTube.

Deshawn Goncalves

Deshawn already performed at the Apollo before moving the judges with his rendition of Nina Simone’s “Everything is going To Change.” Katy Perry called Deshawn’s performance “magic” and “angelic.” His magic continued throughout the tough competition. He even got a chance to perform with the legendary Chaka Khan. 

In a recent interview, Deshawn said he learned to be himself on Idol. He also said he is working on his first album, which is set to drop by the end of this year. Deshawn will also be making his Broadway debut during the Spring 2022 season.

Alyssa Wray 

Fans were shocked when Alyssa Wray did not make it to the Top 7. I know, Idol fans are always shocked, even though they are the ones sending these contestants home! Still, Alyssa dominated the competition week after week. 

Nowadays Alyssa has been traveling singing show tunes from the Broadway play, Wicked. She also moved to NYC and starred in Songs for a New World at The Gateway Performing Arts Center in Bellport, NY. Alyssa has big dreams of seeing her name under the Broadway lights. 

Cassandra Coleman 

Cassandra Coleman was an insecure coffee shop manager before she walked into the audition. She walked out of the audition with Bryan saying she was a new voice that the world has never heard. 

After making it in the Top 10, Cassandra has gone on to play countless live shows. She even played a Tennessee show with fellow Idol alum’s Wyatt Pike, Graham Defranco, and Franklin Boone. She recently played a Christmas show with Hunter and is said to be working on her first album. 

There you have it folks! The Season 19 American Idol Top 10 finalists are absolutely thriving pursuing their dreams way after getting started on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Who is excited for Season 20 of American Idol coming this February?

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