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‘American Idol’s Cassandra Coleman Says Post-Show Pressure is “Quite Intense”

Cassandra ColemanABC/Eric McCandless

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American Idol Season 19 contestant Cassandra Coleman recently took to Instagram to share her honest feelings about life after the talent show. She detailed the pressure she’s experienced as she navigates the next stage of her career.

Coleman made it to the Top 10 in this year’s season of the show. The 25-year-old singer is currently planning her first music releases, as well as upcoming performances.

Cassandra Coleman Reflects Post-‘Idol’

Earlier this week, Coleman posted a photo of herself in a green dress against a pink background. She wrote that “the pressure to create after leaving the show is quite intense.” She mentioned how many followers she’s gained in such a short amount of time, before she’s even released her first single.

Coleman shared some of what she’s thinking: “What if they don’t like the music I’m making?? What if I’m not the kind of artist they expected me to be? What if they get tired of waiting for original content?? What if they’re underwhelmed by what I create? Oh dang I just lost 100 more followers! Ahhhhh!! I’m not doing enough!”

Although the rational part of her brain tells her it will be okay, Coleman said it’s hard to battle those stressful thoughts. “Honestly, it’s taking the joy away from this chapter of creation because there is so much dang pressure,” she wrote.

She told her fans that while she wants to have music out as soon as possible, she doesn’t want to rush the process. “I understand that decision will make some people forget about me, or become disinterested, but I want to be proud of what I release,” she wrote.


What Has Coleman Been Up to Since the Show?

Since appearing on American Idol, Coleman has been playing some live shows. Earlier this month, she performed a show in Tennessee with fellow Idol stars Wyatt Pike, Graham DeFranco, and Franklin Boone.

Coleman recently announced on Instagram that once the new year rolls around, she won’t be playing any more live shows until the release of her first album. She said she has three performances left this year, including one at the Columbia Indie Fest in October.

The singer will also be performing at a black tie gala and Christmas market in her hometown this December. She explained that she kept her performances close to home in order “to bring a spotlight to my sweet community.”

We can’t wait to hear what Coleman has in store when she releases her first original music, but we’re prepared to be patient as she focuses on making it the best it can be.

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