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Twitter Is FREAKING Out Over Future’s Album Going Gold & Jonas Brothers’ New Masterpiece

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One thing people have been doing more during quarantine is listening to music. Some amazing albums have been released in the past few months all from the comfort of the musician’s homes. Today was no different with rapper Future and The Jonas Brother’s releasing some iconic tracks.


Future’s Album Was Certified Gold Within 30 Minutes Of Release

Future’s eighth studio album “High Off Life” just released and fans are already eating it up. The 21 song album is certainly a lot to digest but each song makes a bold statement. This album features his best charting hit ever, “Life Is Good” featuring rap superstar Drake. The album also features Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Meek Mill, Young Thug, NBA YoungBoy and plenty of other established rappers. He has achieved success immediately after the release as the album was quickly certified gold and it will surely continue to climb up the charts. Future fans took to social media to show their appreciation for his artistry and unique style.

“Listening to this new future album realizing that this mf DOES NOT F*CKING MISS,” said one fan on Twitter.

YouTuber Cash Hype said “This future album is beautiful omg.”

“Future really brought them old vibes back, he didn’t miss not one single on the album,” he continued.

Another fan said “No Future slander will be tolerated. We ain’t care bout no g*ddamn messy baby mamas….leave that unproblematic black king alone….and the album is straight.” This is in reference to the fact that the rapper recently had some baby mama drama, with more women claiming he has fathered their children. But this has not stopped him from putting out a record-shattering album.

“I listened to the whole thing. Thought it was Future’s best album in a while” said another loyal fan. It seems like people really enjoyed his new music and appreciated all of the great features on the album.

The Rapper Went On A Twitter Rant About Lori Harvey Before The Album Release

Some people were a bit confused when he put out a few tweets throwing subliminal messages at girlfriend Lori Harvey. He tweeted “Ain mad at u for smashing/Fxxxxxx the homie u gotta get it how u live…smh.” It is unclear if he and Harvey are still together. But, he seems to be pointing fingers at her for sleeping with one of his friends. Future put out another tweet saying “I feel disrespected.” The pair are said to have hit a rough patch before the coronavirus pandemic began and are quarantining separately. Is there trouble in paradise? Some reports are swirling that Harvey is dating an entertainment executive. He did, however, give a shoutout to Harvey in one of the songs on the new album. “Give me glory/give me Lori,” he raps in the song “Accepting my Flaws.”

The pair began dating back in October 2019. They would casually drop flirtatious comments on each other’s Instagram posts. It is interesting to note that Harvey did post that she was listening to the new album in a few Instagram stories this morning. She posted screenshots of some of the song names with the comment “proud of you” with a flame emoji. So regardless if the couple is still together, she still supports his music.

Jonas Brothers Fans Raved About Their Two Newly Released Songs

The Jonas Brothers have been on a roll lately. They just released “X” featuring Colombian singer Karol G and “Five More Minutes.” The song “X” is a super flirty song that you will literally want to get up and dance to. The edition of Karol G spices the song up and gives it a new Latin flare. It is something entirely new for the band and fans really seem to love it. “Five More Minutes” is definitely a softer song. They are both very different but it just goes to show you that this group can do anything and always have fans rallying behind them with support.


One fan touched on the two very different songs. “Only the Jonas Brothers can release two completely different songs that somehow fit soooo well together.. going out with the girls on Saturday night to a beach club with ‘X’ and waking up on Sunday morning with ‘Five More Minutes’.. kings..” she said.

“Wow didn’t know x by @jonasbrothers & @karolg was all my life needed” said another fan.


The Jonas Brothers have really made their comeback worthwhile. “We are in May and so far we have gotten what a man gotta do, a grammy performance/ nomination, a tour documentary, zoom calls with fans and now two new songs? the @jonasbrothers are CEOs of bringing back happiness,” said a Twitter user. Not to mention they are currently the only artists with two songs in the top 10 on the overall iTunes Charts.

“Only the @jonasbrothers could release and deliver NOT ONE…. BUT TWO ACTUAL MASTERPIECES!!! We HAVE to stan,” said one fan excitedly.

The JoBro’s will actually be performing on the finale of The Voice on Tuesday night with Karol G. You won’t want to miss it.

Other Notable Recent Music Releases

Actor Will Smith dabbled back into rapping as he joined Joyner Lucas in the remix of the song “Will.” He absolutely slayed it. Fans were quick to point out his flawless cadence and flow.

Katy Perry has also been working on some new music lately. Her new song “Daisies” is a bright light in the midst of everything going on in the world amid the coronavirus pandemic. Leave it to Katy to write an emotional song that will literally make you cry.


Rapper Polo.G also just dropped a new album. One Twitter user wrote that it is the “best album of the year.”

The question is if it be able to compete with Future’s album on the charts.


What has been your favorite music release this month so far? Are there any new releases that you are most excited about?

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