WATCH Stormi & Travis Scott React To Travis’ Virtual Fortnite Concert

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Travis Scott gave his fans a virtual concert inside of the game Fortnite yesterday. It was an extremely unique experience, to say the least. Travis went on Instagram Live to document his reaction to the colorful event. He was later joined by a special guest, his daughter Stormi that he shares with Kylie Jenner.

This virtual concert was the first of a five-concert series being held this week. Check out the concert times here.

Travis Thought The Experience Was “Crazy”

This concert, called “ASTRONOMICAL,” blew Travis’ mind. “I ain’t going to lie, this sh*t is crazy as fuck,” he said. He was even yelling at his television excitedly as he took in the whole experience. Travis said that it looks like Coachella in real life. The iconic music festival has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so concerts like these give fans something to look forward to. In the video, you can see a virtual version of Travis make an epic entrance onto the screen. Travis is actually playing the game as if he is a concert spectator. He is clearly very thrilled by the graphics and the colors that make you feel as if you stepped into a club. The rapper posted some snaps of the ASTRONOMICAL Fortnite experience on Twitter with exclamation points to show how excited he was.

Epic Games said that over 12 million players participated in Travis’s event. This is an all-time record. The previous record was held by last year’s Marshmello concert which had a little over 10 million attendees. A lot of people also watched Travis’ concert on streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Not everyone owns the game Fortnite but are still huge fans of Travis.


Stormi Made An Instagram Live Appearance

At one point, Travis’ daughter Stormi is seen in his arms. She keeps saying “daddy, daddy.” This prompts him to ask her if she wants to play Fortnite and she adorably says “yes.” Travis asks one of the members of his crew where the extra remote controllers are. She then changes her mind and says she doesn’t want to play. Travis asks Stormi if she wants to say “hi” and “bye.” She gives Instagram Live a sign off that will melt your heart. Stormi adorably whispers “bye.”

Before Travis ended the Instagram Live session, Stormi requests that they watch a movie. She is adorably wearing a long white t-shirt and drinking an orange soda. It seems like it is Stormi’s world and Travis is just living in it. We love that he has such a good relationship with his daughter and we don’t mind seeing her in more videos in the future.

Travis Scott Expressed His Gratitude For Fans That Watched The Fortnite Concert

Travis was extremely hyped throughout the whole experience. He tweeted in all caps “HONESTLY TODAY WAS ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING DAYS. LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U GUYS. AND I KNOW TIMES ARE WEIRD FOR US. BUT FOR ONE MOMENT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE THE RAGERS TO RAGE WHERE EVER YOU ARE IS AMAZING. LOVE U GUYS WITH ALL MY BODY. !!!! GANG.” He is very grateful for his fans because they are the reason this experience was even possible. Who would’ve thought that a rager would be thrown within a video game? All in all, Travis seems very proud to be able to take part in this and give the fans something to look forward to during this stressful and chaotic time for the world.

He also released a new music video for a song called “THE SCOTTS.” It features Kid Cudi and the music video is literally out of this world. It is entirely scenes and special features of his ASTRONOMICAL Fortnite event. The graphics and the colors are unique and really commemorate this whole Fortnite concert experience. You seriously need to watch it because it will make you feel like you are at a party without even leaving your house.

There is no question that this event is extremely epic. We hope that there’s another Instagram Live session with Stormi actually playing the game. That would be totally adorable.


Will you be tuning in to one of Travis’s Fortnite concerts? We promise you it looks like an out of this world experience, literally.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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