Meet ‘Songland’s Able Heart, The Writer Behind The Jonas Brothers’ New Hit “Greenlight”


Able Heart rose to fame when he wrote “Greenlight” for the Jonas Brothers on Songland. We all fell in love with his song and his humble personality. But not a lot of people know much more about the up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer/engineer.

Let’s get to know Able Heart, the writer behind the Jonas Brothers’ “Greenlight!”

1. Able is from Philly…but Able Heart isn’t his real name!

Able is originally from Philadelphia but now lives in Los Angeles. As you probably guessed, Able Heart isn’t his real name. Able was born John Paciolla. He even brought it up on the show, mentioning “My mom always said, ‘You’re able to do anything your heart desires,’ so that’s kind of how that came out.”

2. He was on track to be an Olympic snowboarder.

While he mentioned this on Songland, Able was an avid skateboarder and snowboarder growing up. He actually competed and traveled the world for four years pursuing snowboarding professionally. In fact, he was on track to go to the Winter Olympics for the sport. But when he was 15, Able suffered a career-ending and life-altering back injury which forced him to stop.

3. Able has struggled with drugs, addiction, and depression.

After losing what meant the most to him, Able turned to drugs to find fulfillment. He was depressed and didn’t know how else to end his suffering. It wasn’t until Able started investing more in music that he was able to overcome his addiction. He credits songwriting with getting him out of the darkest place he’s ever been in. It is his outlet and his way of expressing these deeply painful emotions.

4. He has been a ghostwriter for years.

Since starting in music, Able Heart has been a ghostwriter. This means that he wrote songs for artists without any credit. While we don’t know exactly what songs he has a credit on, it is unfortunate that he hasn’t received the support he deserves until now. Mentor Ester Dean (who he was paired with on Songland) told him, “Don’t ever do a ghost nothing no more. Don’t ever let nobody take credit for what you’ve done cause you’ve got a star spark.”

5. Able already has original music available!

If you fell in love with Able Heart on Songland, he’s released plenty of original music to listen to! He wrote, produced, mixed, and engineered all of it too, just like “Greenlight” for The Jonas Brothers. It’s available on his SoundCloud page, as well as all streaming services and anywhere you listen to music. Able has remixed songs with Rae Sremmurd, Lil Peep, and XXXTENTACION. My personal favorite (and his most streamed) is “On My Own” from his EP, Lucid.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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