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Rapper Future Says Only 2 Of His 6 Baby Mamas Are His “Real Ones” On Mother’s Day

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate

Future Baby Mamas Ciara Kids

Rapper Future must spend a fortune sending out bouquets to all of his baby mamas on Mother’s Day. He has six children with six different women. But he made sure they all felt some love on their special day. Although it seems like he may favor two over all of the others.

Future Previously Was Not On Good Terms With His Baby Mamas

While the rapper has been known to engage in feuds with his baby mama’s over child support in the past, he had nothing but love for them on Mother’s Day. Future thanked perhaps his most famous baby mama, Ciara. He said that their son also named Future “is Life.” The two broke off their engagement in 2014 after reports of the rapper’s infidelity were swirling. Ciara even sued Future after he put out a string of tweets calling her a “controlling b*tch.” He also claimed that he was paying her child support even though she would not let him see their baby. She was not playing around and filed a $15 million lawsuit against him for defamation and slander. Future hit Ciara with a countersuit alleging that he never tried to damage her reputation.

The two engaged in an ongoing custody battle over baby Future. Ciara was denied sole custody of him as the judge was sympathetic to Future. Eventually, Future dropped his suit with Ciara and the pair seemed to be able to put things behind them. He now has “reasonable access” to see his son. He was also sued by baby mama Jessica Smith for failing to pay child support and neglecting their son in the past.


Who Are The “Real One’s?”

There were two instances in Future’s slew of Mother’s Day tweets where he called his baby mama’s “real one’s.” First he said “Joie thank u for being an incredible mom…u holding it down! Real one, stay solid HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.”

Joie Chavis is a professional dancer and the mother of Future’s son Hendrix. She also has another child, a daughter with rapper Bow Wow. She seems to have maintained good relationships with both men over the years.

Future also called the mother of his son Kash a “real one.” She is reportedly a woman who lives in Arizona that is not interested in being in the spotlight. Regardless, it’s still nice of him to show his respect and love for her on social media. But the real question is what makes these women “real ones” aside from the other four? We are dying to know. Perhaps he has had less drama with these two women as opposed to the other four.

People Were Trolling Future For Tweeting So Many Mother’s Day Wishes

Of course when someone posts a tweetstorm wishing six different women a Happy Mother’s Day, people are going to have something to say about it. One Twitter user said, “Future has to think of 10 creative ways to say Happy Mother’s Day LMAOOO stress.”

“Future the only person on Earth who could make wishing someone Happy Mother’s Day toxic,” said another.

One Twitter user hit the nail on the head saying “Future’s Mother’s Day messages on Twitter look like he’s writing in a high school yearbook I’m screaming.” This is so true.

“Future telling all his baby mamas happy Mother’s Day :” said one tweet followed by a video of rapper Lil Was X holding a huge scroll.

Future put out one last tweet that said “U want the best for me and I want the best for u…” which one can only assume is directed towards his baby mamas.

Regardless of how many baby mama’s Future has, at least he is acknowledging the powerful women that gave birth to his children.


And of course, we don’t mind seeing the hilarious tweets and reactions of other people about Future.

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