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‘The Voice’ Recap: Gospel Sister Duo Blows the Coaches Away at the Blind Auditions

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The Voice left us on a total cliffhanger last night when it came time for Holly Forbes to choose her team. Thankfully, they got right to her decision at the beginning of tonight’s episode. She chose to be on Kelly Clarkson’s team which is full of powerhouse performers. The episode actually closed out with one of the best Blind Auditions of the season so far.

Bella DeNapoli and David Vogel Land on Team Ariana During ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions

Bella DeNapoli’s parents are musicians who play gigs on the weekends. She was introduced to music at 13 when her dad called her up to sing background vocals. She now performs gigs all over Long Island and is ready to bring her bubbly personality to The Voice. Her interview package really showcased how fun and full of life she is. This is exactly the kind of artist America resonates with.

Bella decided to take a risk and audition with an acoustic rendition of “Damaged” by Danity Kane. This is her first time singing without her dad next to her. Every coach was looking at Ariana Grande to see if she would turn her chair due to Bella’s pop sound. Bella’s version of the song is such a refreshing take on the original. It might even be better than the original.

Grande, Clarkson, and John Legend all turned their chairs during the high notes of the song. Nobody stood a chance against Grande. Grande loved Bella’s control and all of the parts of the song where she got really loud and powerful. Shelton did not turn around because Bella seemed in “Ariana’s lane.” He was so right. She chose to be on Team Ariana. Grande went on to say that Bella’s audition was one of her favorites so far.

She also scored another amazing artist on her team during the beginning of the episode. David Vogel performed Grande’s song “Breathin.” He said that she was his “dream coach.” The second Grande realized it was her song, her face lit up. At the very last note, Grande turned her chair. We are so excited to see how the pair work together on the show since they both have a passion for production and creating unique arrangements.

The Episode Glossed Over Two Team Blake Artists

Once in a while, The Voice will play a montage of some of the artists that made it onto teams. Unfortunately, Team Blake got the short end of the stick this season. Shelton was the only coach to turn for Berritt Haynes. He was happy to have him on his team because he is a “damn good singer.” I wish we got to see his full audition.

Berritt told the coaches that he was granted a Make-A-Wish to come watch The Voice but he couldn’t because of COVID. His mom sent in a video of him singing to the show instead. He ended up getting the chance to perform in front of the coaches. Berritt was diagnosed with a heart disease when he was 8 years old. He was 14 when he had an internal defibrillator placed.

Shelton also landed Clint Sherman on his team. All we got to learn in the few seconds of his audition is that he recently got engaged. He performed “Brown Eyed Girl,” a song Shelton has sung tons of times. Each year there are also several Battles that The Voice only shows a few seconds of. Mentally prepare yourself for the frustration when the time comes.

The Cunningham Sisters Blow the Coaches Away

The Cunningham Sisters are a duo from Hamilton, Ohio. Macie and Marie are sisters and best friends. They consider themselves to be pop and gospel artists. Their main singing experience comes from singing in church. Their performance of “Never Alone” was fantastic.

They honestly had the best Blind Audition of Season 21 of The Voice so far. It’s crazy that we’ve seen so many heavy hitters, but the young talent is really shining through this season. Their voices are so mature and compliment each other so well. The Cunningham Sisters caught the attention of Legend and Clarkson who both turned their chairs.

They bonded with Legend over singing in church and being from Ohio. Legend was the only one that did not have a group on his team at this point in The Voice Blind Auditions. In the biggest shock of all, The Cunningham Sisters chose to be on Team Kelly. Clarkson is really lucking out this season with all of the standouts choosing her team. We do not envy her for the difficult decisions she is going to have to make in the Battle Rounds.

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