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Blake Shelton Gets a Gift from ‘The Voice’ Contestant and He Didn’t Even Turn His Chair

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Chavon Rodgers took to the stage with his guitar and then sang his own version of “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. The 23 year-old is from Ada, Oklahoma, Blake Shelton‘s hometown, turned the chairs of both Ariana Grande and John Legend.

Before taking the stage, this artist claimed that his sound was a mix of pop and alternative music. He sang a version of “Driver’s License” that incorporated his guitar and multiple runs in his voice. This singer decided to bring something new to the show when he auditioned with an insanely popular song. He played the game strategically and chose to create his own version of the song.

Chavon actually auditioned for American Idol in 2020. Although his audition did not air, I’m sure he still learned something from the experience.

Chavon worked hard to make this song his own and even seriously impressed Grande and Legend. But, that’s not really who Chavon wanted to “wow.”


Blake Shelton Receives Coach Gift

Chavon brought Shelton a gift for his audition. Although some people may bring a gift for whoever becomes their coach, he knew exactly who was getting his gift. Chavon brought an early 1900s, Ada, Oklahoma brick. During this exchange, Legend made sure to make fun of Shelton for never turning for the people who give him gifts.

Legend called Chavon’s music inviting and followed up by asking what artists he likes. Chavon mentions that he listens to One Republic, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran. As a way to bribe Chavon to his team, Legend mentioned how he’s recently worked with Ryan Tedder from One Republic.

Eventually, Chavon chose Team Ariana, because she’s Ariana Grande. Don’t get me wrong, she put up a good fight for him that included a lot about his technique. But he did mention that Grande is a bit more up his alley, and he thinks he can learn a lot from her.

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