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Who is the Baby? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

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The Masked Singer season 6 is off to a bang! While some of the costumes are crazier than ever this year, others are more terrifying. Like the second Wildcard of the season for instance, the Baby! That is one terrifying character. But who is under The Masked Singer Baby mask? Let’s take a look at all the clues and which celebrity it could be.

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 6

Baby’s first clue package started with him saying, “I may be just a newborn in a diaper, but I’m larger than life!” He’s walking through New York City and we see Grand Central Station. He picks up a yellow car and says, “I was part of a baby rat pack and we were famous for throwing punches.”

Baby says he’s got blockbuster movies, while a marquee reads “BLOCKBUSTER HIT 2 STARRING BABY;” award-winning albums, while an album cover with “BABY RATTLE & ROLL” written on it is shown; and radio play. A police officer talks into a walkie-talkie saying there’s a baby on the loose. Baby says he has even replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film as he walks by the White House.


In his locker clue, Baby reveals his report card where he got “A B+ B- A-” and “FAILED” Driver’s Ed “For Too Many High Speed Chases.” The locker also has some Post-It notes in it, one of them reading “Debate Practice.” Baby explains, “Sometimes when I don’t get a nap, I get the need to feed!”

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Baby

Ken Jeong noticed all the action movie references and thought Baby might be Will Smith or Hugh Jackman. Although Jenny questioned him replacing Schwarzenegger in a role. Nicole Scherzinger threw out Vin Diesel as an option. Robin Thicke says he thinks it’s Chuck Norris from Walker, Texas Ranger.

Again, people online seemed to agree with Scherzinger, thinking it could be Vin Diesel. Other popular guesses are Larry the Cable Guy, Jason Statham, and Bruce Willis. Plus, people love to point out that Willis’s daughter, Rumer, was the Lion on season 1! Could that be a tie-in to him participating this season?

Who is The Baby on The Masked Singer?

Now with some of the clues we got, it seems like it would be easy to pin down the Baby’s identity. Like how many people could have replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well, you’d be surprised! But looking at all the clues and hearing the voice, we have to predict that the Baby is…

Mike Pont/WireImage Photo by Mike Pont/WireImage

Larry the Cable Guy!

Talk about someone with blockbusters, albums, and radio play! Now let’s go through all the clues.

All the car clues could point to Larry the Cable Guy’s role as the voice of Mater in the Cars franchise. His mention of the “baby rat pack” definitely allude to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which included Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Jeff Foxworthy. The police officer clues also make sense, because he has a movie about him being a health inspector and also played a deputy in the movie Witless Protection, also starring The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg.

Larry has done blockbuster movies, award-winning albums, and used to be a radio host. And yes, he did replace Arnold Schwarzenegger for Jingle All the Way 2. Lastly, the White House could be referencing the fact that President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet from Larry the Cable Guy a few years ago.

And when it comes to his locker clues, that also lines up with Larry the Cable Guy. The “failed” driver’s ed class could be pointing to the Cars character he voiced, Mater. He’s also a big REO Speedwagon fan, which could explain his “need to feed”/”need for speed” clue.

Do you agree with our prediction? Or are there any clues we missed? Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights for more clues and don’t forget to tune in to The Recap Show for full episode breakdowns and new reveals each week!


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Katheryn Shepherd
Katheryn Shepherd
2 years ago

John Travolta

Jany Collie
Jany Collie
2 years ago

Larry the Cable Guy is voice actor mater the towltruck!🤩

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