Team Blake’s Hailey Green Faces Off Against Libianca in ‘The Voice’ Knockouts

Samantha Agate
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Hailey Green and Libianca the voice knock outThe Voice/YouTube

In a sneak peek of The Voice Knockouts, Blake Shelton is faced with an impossible decision. Both Hailey Green and Libianca delivered two of the most show-stopping performances this season. How will Shelton choose a winner?

Team Blake Goes Head to Head in ‘The Voice’ Knockouts

The riskiest thing an artist can do on The Voice is perform one of the coach’s songs. That risk paid off for Hailey who performed Shelton’s hit, “God’s Country.” Hailey really brought the fire and the passion it takes to win the competition. The power that her voice has is similar to the way Kelly Clarkson is able to sing anything and everything. Hailey is edgy and the perfect mix of rock and country.

Ariana Grande got up out of her seat and looked like she was in disbelief listening to Hailey sing. Shelton sat with a grin forming on his face when Hailey hit a high note towards the end of the song. This is Hailey’s second shot at the competition after getting no chair turns in Season 19. She is not holding anything back this time around. Had Hailey been paired against anyone else, Shelton’s decision might have been easier.

Libianca performed Billie Eilish’s “everything i wanted” during The Knockouts. This was the best song for her to sing. It showcased her control and ability to hit big notes without overdoing it. She’s such a seasoned performer that it felt like I was watching a Libianca concert. Libianca obviously has more experience and cleaner vocals. Hailey has a bigger personality on stage.

Who Will Shelton Choose as the Winner?

“Hailey, that was so brave of you to sing the one and only Blake Shelton’s song right in front of him,” Grande said. “The voice that you have it’s just so strong and so powerful.”

John Legend agreed that Hailey’s voice is “powerful.” He felt like Libianca followed Hailey’s performance with a “master class in vocals.” Clarkson called Hailey a “baby Janis Joplin.” The decision came down to Shelton who looked torn.

“Hailey, I’ve literally lost years off my life trying to get through that vocal and listening to you sing that, holy crap,” Shelton said.

He went on to say that Libianca was having a hard time getting through the song in rehearsals. He was happy to see her pull it together for an epic performance. Though Shelton is usually a sucker for country artists, there is no way he is going to let Libianca go home. Shelton knows how to coach artists to be the best versions of themselves on stage. He is not afraid to step out of his country box to get a standout artist to the finale.

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