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It’s a Girl! The Jonas Brothers Help with Fan’s Gender Reveal During Concert

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Some people prefer to have their gender reveals at home, but that’s too boring for this Jonas Brothers fan. This audience member shared their biggest secret and special moment with the band at their concert in Tampa, Florida. She took the name of the tour to a whole new level…I think The Jonas Brothers and audience members will always “Remember This.”

This Mother Didn’t Have to Book a Cameo to Have The Jonas Brothers Announce the Gender of her Baby

On October 16, Taylor Klein and her three year-old daughter, Mila, stood front row for The Jonas Brothers concert in Tampa, FL. They held a sign that asked for help from the band members to reveal the gender of Klein’s baby. From the viral TikTok video, the process seemed seamless, but Klein describes it as a group effort.

“It was a group effort I have to give everybody [credit], all the security they were shining their flashlights on the sign, the people behind me were like jumping up and down and waving their arms,” said Klein. “Finally Kevin came over and noticed it and he went and grabbed Joe and it all unfolded.”

In the video, you’ll see Joe Jonas notice the sign while singing “Rollercoaster” off of their album Happiness Begins. At that point, security had already taken the paper stating the gender from Klein. Security guards handed the paper to Joe.

The camera crew focused on Klein and her daughter while the brothers gathered and turned away from the audience. They continued to sing “Rollercoaster” effortlessly while announcing that Klein is pregnant with a girl.

The Jonas Brothers Sign the Announcement Paper

At the end of the video, former coach of The Voice Nick Jonas moves over to the side of the stage. He has a giant grin on his face that’s destined to make anyone a “Nick girl,” he applauds for the fan. Once Joe meets him on the side, they got a pen from security and signed her announcement.

“We didn’t ask for them to [sign the announcement] they went to hand it back and they grabbed it and got a pen which is super cool,” said Klein.

It’s no secret that family is a lot to The Jonas Brothers. Not only do they still perform with their brothers, they’re beginning to have families of their own. Kevin and Joe are both fathers so I’m sure they knew how important this moment would be for Klein and her family.


it’s a girl!!!!! congrats to this amazing lady💗💞 #jonasbrothers #tampabay #jobros

♬ original sound – paige🦋

It’s been reported that Klein came up with this idea after seeing someone do it at a Harry Styles concert. This was truly the idea of the century. Her daughters “fun fact” will always be that The Jonas Brothers announced her gender. She is due to have her daughter in March 2022.

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