Blake Shelton Gets Mean with Harsh Feedback During the Battle Rounds

Corey Cesare
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Blake Shelton is known for his humor on The Voice, but this season, he seems to be taking his comments too far. These moments were a bit shocking and left me questioning what his actual intention was, is Shelton turning into the Simon Cowell of the show?

Shelton has had loads of “what the heck” moments on this season of The Voice, but I think as viewers we can all agree we are over some of his remarks. Even though he tried to add humor to this part of the competition, it wasn’t all as hilarious as he may have thought it was.

Shelton Tells Eliminated Singer to “Quit”

On the last night of the battle rounds, The Cunningham Sisters battled against Parker Mckay. Even though their performance accentuated their beautiful voices, almost every coach thought The Cunningham sister duo was the stronger group. If you remember Parker from her blind audition, you might remember that she was in tears when she hugged coach Kelly Clarkson and shared that she had recently lost her mom.

As if this singer wasn’t already worried about possible elimination, Shelton’s humor definitely didn’t help much. He complimented The Cunningham Sisters then reminded Parker that Clarkson was the only coach who turned their chair for her. Okay I get it, he needed to have at least one dig at his co-star — in addition to his advice to “quit.”

Sorry Blake, Team Kelly may definitely take it this year, have you heard her team?

Shelton Claims Talented Singer Couldn’t Sing Before Joining Team Blake

Shelton’s nasty comments aren’t only reserved for members of opposing teams. Established singer Wendy Moten has been dropping the jaws of both the coaches and the audience since her four-chair turn blind audition. From the moment Shelton first heard her voice, he was willing to fight for her, he used his only block of the season on John Legend. Although Shelton was very grateful for her talent at her audition, he tried to take full credit for it during the battle rounds.

“Well I want the audience to know, that when Wendy came to this show, she couldn’t sing,” said Shelton. “And that’s what two rehearsals – two rehearsals with me and this is what happens.”

The audience cheered for this joke, but the other coaches were begging Shelton to stop talking. Even Wendy laughed and said she believed him, but in reality she had a lengthy career before The Voice. Instead of giving Wendy any type of feedback, he acknowledged that he doesn’t know why she chose his team. I’ll admit, this was definitely a Blake Shelton being Blake Shelton moment, but like why are we still dealing with those?

Team Blake Tries Covering Vince Gill

The Voice standout Carson Peters was paired with Clint Sherman in the battle rounds. For this battle, Shelton and Dierks Bentley decided to give these singers a challenge. They had them perform “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away” by Vince Gill.

“People don’t normally cover Vince Gill songs,” Shelton said. “You know that’s kind of one that you avoid. Thank you guys for working so hard on this thing.”

Is that supposed to be a compliment? It seemed like this was the coach’s nicest way of saying they did their best, but it wasn’t good enough. Shelton didn’t necessarily say anything bad about the singers, but this definitely wasn’t what we expected a coach to say to members of his team. It felt like there was a missing piece of the puzzle that Shelton was searching for, but couldn’t find.

Now that the Battles are over, The Voice will begin Knockouts next week. I’m sure we’ve only heard the beginning of the smack-talk this season, but let’s hope Shelton keeps it a bit more positive when it comes to the contestants moving forward.

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