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Meet Josh Blue, ‘AGT’ Comedian Who Makes Fun Of His Cerebral Palsy

Josh Blue on 'AGT All-Stars'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Long-time comedian Josh Blue made people’s ribs hurt during his journey on America’s Got Talent season 16. Now, he’s once again out to prove that his disability is no hindrance for him to stand out among others. Let’s get to know him more.

Josh Blue’s Cerebral Palsy is Key to His Successful Stand-Up Routines

In the early stage of his life, Josh Blue was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His parents took notice of his disability when his crawled and the fact that his sit ups were more delayed than his other siblings. Since then, Blue has endured this sickness as part of his existence.

“I don’t think I’d know I had cerebral palsy if other people didn’t tell me,” Blue said. “That’s my viewpoint; I just tackle the world, whatever comes at me. This is just how I’ve grown up and how I live.”

Having accepted his brain defect, he’s also acknowledged that people will naturally stare. However, he decided to give them a better reason to look at him, and that’s where his stomach-curling comedy jumped out.

During college, he began attending open mic nights to perform his stand-up routines. There, he realized that his cerebral palsy is not something to pity about, but an aspect he must embrace.

He Was Already Popular in the Comedy Scene Before America’s Got Talent

Long before America’s Got Talent season 16, Blue was already a big name in the comedy business. This comedian had headlined multiple stand-up specials on Showtime and Comedy Central. According to his own estimate, he incredibly performs 200 routines per year.

In 2006, he won NBC’s reality series Last Comic Standing. He also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. No matter what type of audience he is in front of, Blue didn’t fail to leave them almost rolling in laughter.

When he joined AGT in 2021, he told Simon Cowell why exactly he auditioned.

“After the year we’ve had, I think the world is just ready for some laughter,” he said.

His antics from auditions until his last chance in the AGT stage have given the crowd a different level of hilarious. Blue reached the Finale of the competition show, finishing off as third place.

Josh Blue is Returning for AGT All-Stars

Now, he’s back to poke fun at himself once more and in a much bigger stage. Blue recently announced that he’ll be among the 60 talented acts that will try to be the first ever winner of AGT All-Stars.

“People have preconceived ideas about disability. When people tell me that I can’t do something, it just makes me go ‘Oh, yeah? Watch this,’” he said.

If you want to witness Josh Blue’s journey in the upcoming AGT All-Stars, be sure to tune into the show this January on NBC.

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